Like most teenage girls, I babysat a fair number of the neighbour’s kids when I was in secondary school. I used to waitress as well but I always much preferred babysitting because it was easy money and far more enjoyable than waiting on tables. I never really thought about childminding as a ‘real job’ until I was at university and I met the fiance’s sister who just so happened to work as a childminder/nanny depending on which family she was working for.


She would travel with the family all over the world, she got free accommodation and board wherever she was, the money was good, and she got to spend her time looking after some really cute kids. She mentioned that maybe I should consider it for paying my way through university or even as a career path afterwards.


While I didn’t end up going down the path of working as a childminder, I do happen to know that it can be a fantastic business idea to consider for anyone who is good with kids. Like the idea of starting your own childminding business? Below is a guide to what you will need to do to get started.


Get qualified, registered, and approved


There is a lot of ‘red tape’ when it comes to childminding; it’s not a business that anyone can randomly open. If you are serious about launching a childminding business, you need to take the time to get qualified, register your business and get approved.


You will need to undergo advanced security checks to ensure that you aren’t a risk to children. You will also need to register with Ofsted and undergo regular Ofsted inspections. To be an Ofsted registered childminder you will need to:



Transform an area of your home


If you are going to launch a successful childminding business from your home, you will need to create the ideal environment for looking after little ones in. What this would mean is transforming an area of your home into a play zone for the children that you will be looking after into the ideal play space that’s safe and secure. If you are able to create an indoor and outdoor play space, this can be a great step to take, as parents are often on the lookout for childminders who can cater to providing the perfect environment for their kids to spend time in.


Invest in the right equipment


When it comes to running a childminding business, having the right equipment is key. You need to have a premises that allows you to cook healthy, homemade foods for the children that you are looking after. You might also want to consider investing in a fleet of specialist vehicles from somewhere like Allied Fleet, for instance, so that you can easily and safely take the child that you are looking after from place to place. If you plan on offering school pick-ups, children’s taxi service, or day trips, then you will need a specialist fleet of vehicles.


Runing a childminding business can offer you a fantastic income potential and can be a great business to launch.