It’s nearly the start of Autumn which means that now is the perfect time to start thinking about the hottest trends of the season. I don’t know about you but I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE cold weather fashion. Why? Because I thoroughly enjoy being able to layer myself up with all sorts of cosy, comfortable garments.


While I love Fashion Week, I always find the trends somewhat unrelatable. I’m one of these women who need to see fashion in the stores in high street designs to really get a feel for what’s hot and what’s not.


So, the question is: what’s on-trend this season?


Checked prints


AW18 is big on checked prints. In wake of the Royal Wedding, royal attire has become extremely fashionable, with Scottish inspired prints and tweed becoming more stylish by the second. This season, every wardrobe should feature a few items with checked print, whether that’s an A-line skirt or a blazer it doesn’t matter, just as long as there’s something checked in there.


Colour blocking


This season colour blocking is highly fashionable with outfits made up of just two block colours being extremely popular. In addition to garmets designed with two or more block colours being on trend.


70s fashion


The serpia-inspired retro mood that’s taken the fashion industry by storm will continue this season with 70s fashion becoming increasingly popular. Caramel shades are highly sought-after this season, so make sure to invest in a little something with a caramel hue to it.


Floral prints


Believe it or not, floral prints are no longer just a summer affair. This season, designers have transformed floral prints giving them a far darker pattern, making them ideal for wearing in the cooler winter months.


Animal print


Once again animal print – think zebra and leopard – is making a comeback. Whether it’s a leopard print blouse, handbag or coat, animal print is becoming increasingly popular and is set to be big in AW18, and potentially in next year’s Spring lines too.


Puffer coats


Puffer coats are in this season. There’s a new buzzword (or phrase) in fashion this year and it’s ‘protective clothing’ – aka clothing that makes you feel comfortable, cosy and protected, like puffer coats, for example. I love puffer coats so I will most definitely buy a puffer coat in the next few weeks.


What looks am I loving this season?


I’ve been browsing the shops already for my AW18 wardrobe and I have a few ideas in regards to the looks I want to create. So, what looks am I loving?


  • Courdroy pinafore dresses (corduroy is a 70s fashion style and is set to make a comeback) paired with a cute, frilly tee or a long-sleeved nautical or block colour top.
  • Mini skirts in denim, black denim, suede, velvet, or corduroy worn high-waisted with a tee tucked in or paired with a ¾ or long-sleeved top or roll neck top.
  • Skinny-fit dungarees pair with a plain or block coloured tee and a pair of trainers – I love the designs at Gola personally – is also a great look.

There you have it, a guide to all of the most on-trends look of AW18.