I don’t know about you but I whole-heartedly believe that when it comes to my home the colours that I use within it reflect my personality. Colours are a huge part of how we decorate our homes, which is why I believe that they have such a strong link to our personalities.


Whenever I step into someone else’s home, I often find myself focusing on the colours that they have used to decorate. What I like to do is think about how the colours that have been used represent the person or family that live there. It’s funny how much a person’s home design can reflect their personality, isn’t it?


What colours do I use in my home?


When it comes to the colour that I use in my home, bright, bold shades are band. It’s not that I dislike these colours, it’s that my personal preference is for cooler, more relaxing shades, which is why I prefer to incorporate neutral colours such as grey, beige, and white, and a combination of pastel hues and sugar shades, such as duck egg, candy floss pink, and lemon.


I think that part of the reason that I stick to these kinds of colours is because I don’t want to make my home appear darker than it already is, and brighter, bolder tones are often responsible for this. Whereas, by using neutrals shades and pastel tones I can help to ensure that my home remains as light as possible.


What do I love about pastel hues, sugar shades, and neutral tones?


I’m the kind of gal that loves pretty, cute style. If you step inside my home (or browse my Pinterest design boards) you will see that I have a very particular sense of style. My home is very ‘girly’.


My sofas have floral Cath Kidston throws folded over the arms, my feather duvet is encased in a paisley print Kirsty Allsop duvet cover, and my floors are adorned with cotton rugs in pastel hues. I also love the beautiful range of Julian Charles throws – my current favourites are the crushed velvet designs that come in a silver and natural pink tone. These are just so pretty.


My bedroom and bathroom are also extremely cute and twee with a quirky twist here and there. I love rose gold so my home is packed full of rose gold accessories. While rose gold is currently on trend and it’s the colour to have in your home, it’s a metal tone that I have always loved, long before it became the colour to have. (Most of my jewellery is rose gold and I love it – that pink hue is so beautiful.)


How do I choose colours to combine?


When it comes to how I choose colour schemes for my home, I try and be smart about the tones that I am selecting. I like to ensure that any colours that I opt to combine team perfectly with each other.


How I do that is I look at what colour schemes are currently trending, and then I select the ideal one that suits my personality and home’s style and design features. That being said, I purposefully choose to keep my home quite neutral, to ensure that it’s easy for me to match different colours with the space.


For instance, my sofa is grey and my furniture is my living room is all grey too. Then in my bedroom, my bed is rose gold and my furniture is cream and grey, which again means that I have a neutral canvas to work with when it comes to using accessories to add colour to the space.


When it comes to how I #ColourYourPersonality or ‘my personality’ I like to pick colour schemes that appeal to me – colour schemes that I love the look of.