Got a Game of Thrones (or GoT as it’s known by many fans) obsession? If you have, then you’ve come to the right place. Ahead of the release of the new and final series (shock horror, no more GoT to look forward to), I wanted to put together this guide to all of the little things that GoT fans should know…


This isn’t a guide to the new series as no one wants the experience spoiled, do they? Instead, it’s a guide to all of the best GoT memorabilia that you could purchase to decorate your home and yourself, ahead of the new release! In fact, why not throw a GoT party ahead of the release of the new series?! Want to see some cool Game of Thrones gifts? Read on!


GoT tee


There are SO MANY GoT tees to choose from. Whether you’re an avid House of Stark supporter or are leaning more towards the Lanisters reigning, there’s a tee that’s perfectly designed for you.


My personal favourite is the HMV unisex House of Stark tee that has a wolf illustration on it and slogan ‘Winter is Coming’, which sums up GoT for me. Whether this wolf is ghost, lady or another of the wolf pack I don’t know, but either way I love the design. It would look perfect teamed with a pair of black skinnies for men or women.


GoT mug


Everyone knows that you can’t settle down to watch an episode of GoT without a cup of tea to quell your nerves that come with all of the drama that’s packed into every single episode. So why not invest in a GoT themed mug that you can reserve for use only when you’re watching GoT?


I love the range that HMV has – they have mugs in varying designs and colours. My favourite is, of course the House of Stark mug design that – get this – CHANGES COLOUR when it’s hot and cold! How cool is that?! This would make an ideal stocking filler for any GoT fanatic!


GoT doormat


I’ve just moved to a new house and was in need of a quirky new doormat. I’ve spent ages looking for the perfect one, luckily I’ve now found this ‘Welcome to Winterfell’ design that I think it ideal for popping outside my front door.


I love the idea of letting people know as soon as they arrive at my new home that the household is a little GoT obsessed. It’s a healthy obsession, after all, we just want to know how it all ends. There had better be a happy ending for Jon Snow, or there will be a lot of tantrums and tears.


There you have it, a few quirky accessories ideal for GoT fans.