I am one of these people who is always cold, so when it comes to winter, while I love the colder weather I actively dislike the cold. Winter is my favourite time of year because I love being able to wear my favourite knitwear and snuggle up by the fire with a mulled cider or a cup of hot chocolate, but the cold weather is a real ‘turn-off’ for me. That’s why when it comes to my home and my office, I always like to ensure that I keep both areas nice and warm during the colder winter months.


Wondering how I do that? Have a read of my guide below to keeping your office nice and cosy this winter.


Take insulation seriously


Did you know that the number one reason why a space is cold in the winter months is normally due to a lack of insulation? If you’re heating an area and it still feels cold, usually this is due to a lack of effective insulation being in place. While re-doing a building’s insulation can seem costly, it doesn’t have to be, it depends which company you opt to go with. You might even be able to get a grant from the government to cover the cost of your insulation – this is something that it’s most definitely worth looking into.


Get a good heating system


Another must-have item for the colder winter weather is a good heating system. I personally love the idea of using commercial heating systems, like the ones from JLA as they offer a much larger amount of heat compared to domestic heating options. I believe that when it comes to heating a building, it’s essential that you are willing to invest in the heating that’s in place, which is why if it’s time to replace the heating system that’s in place, it’s important to do so.


Focus on creating a ‘warm’ space


I don’t know about you but when it comes to keeping your office warm in the winter months, I believe that creating the illusion of heat is extremely important, which is why I like to get creative with the decor in my office space. Warm paint colours create the illusion of warmth I always find, which is why I always try to decorate in orange tones where possible. I also find that incorporating material accessories, such as throws and cushions help to create a sense of comfort and warmth, as do certain scents. That’s why I like to dot candles and reed diffusers around my workplace, to create a greater sense of comfort and warmth.


There you have it, everything that you need to know about how I will be keeping my office warm this winter.