Families getting together, having dinner and enjoying a great time with lighting all around – all signs of the arrival of Christmas. Therefore, while happiness has surrounded you from all the corners, it is time to look for some Christmas presents for your life partner. Men are sometimes hard to impress, but if you are looking for unique gifts for your partner that also don’t break your budget, here are a few gifts you need to consider.


#1 Leather Wallet – Men rarely change their wallets. They barely pay attention to such stuff and you wouldn’t be surprised to discover his worn out wallet. Take advantage of this and help him replace his old wallet with a new one. Getting a good quality leather wallet for him won’t cost you more than £30. (This was what I got my partner last year, and he loved it!) 


#2 Shoes – As men are always on-the-go, giving him a good pair of sneakers or formal shoes may motivate him to have a more active lifestyle. The best part is men’s footwear is readily available in online stores and you can also enjoy great offers and discounts on the UK’s top brands available at By discount Codes. You can easily get a pair of branded trainers for around £50, but make sure you check out his size before buying. (I once bought my partner – AKA The Gamer Bloke – the wrong sized shoes and it turned into a massive palava so it’s always best to check beforehand.)


#3 Belt – Belts are versatile personal accessories for men, especially for men who are involved in the corporate world. As belts are one of the important parts of the formal dressing, it is a good idea to give one to your partner. Just make sure to choose the right size that fits his waistline. I suggest that you go for leather as it is more durable and lasts longer, and you will easily get it for less than £30. (I’ve found some amazing designs online that I know my partner would love.)


#4 Personalised Whiskey Set – If your man celebrates every occasion with a glass of scotch or whiskey, then nothing can beat a personalised whiskey gift. A beautifully packed whiskey with your partner’s name on it remains one of the best gifts that you can give, especially as it will only cost you around £40. 


#5 Romantic Photo Frame – A stylish photo frame with a picture of you and your partner can make the most romantic present. Photo frames can help you preserve some of the memorable and lovely memories of your life. You can also pen a beautiful message to make your gift even more romantic.


#6 Wrist Watch – Wrist watch is one of the classic gifts for the man who has it all. There are a number of brands available, but you do not need to go necessarily for well-known brands. You can find something that is unusual and unique, and suitable to your budget too, simply by going online. 


#7 Cute Cufflinks – Cufflinks can be very elegant Christmas presents if your man loves looking smart. Cufflinks are available in a variety of colours, styles and designs, and you could easily get it for £20 at the nearby jewellery shop or online.


Did these gift ideas help you? Or, you got any better low-budget Christmas gift idea? Comment your suggestions below.