As the year closes, you will be thinking about your resolutions for the new year. From eating healthier to committing to more exercise, there will be a number of promises you will be making to better your life. But what about your career? There are some career-related resolutions that should be placed as a priority, especially if you want to make some improvements to this part of your life in the coming year.


Here are just a few examples.


Resolution #1: Learn something new


This is a common resolution for many, be it career-related or not. However, considering we are talking about your work life specifically, you might want to learn new skills that will make you better at your job, and/or you might want to take professional courses such as these fnp online programs (for those in the healthcare industry) to help you progress up the career ladder. Think about your job, consider what skills and qualifications will serve you well in the coming year, and then take the steps necessary to achieve them.


Resolution #2: Improve your work-life balance


If you’re currently feeling exhausted because of your work demands, then it may be that your work-life balance is slightly off. You need to correct the balance, so you a) have more time to spend with your family and leisure activities outside of work, and b) feel more refreshed when you go into work each day, instead of feeling lethargy because you’re exhausted. To help you achieve this resolution, check out our work-life balance hacks, and instil them into your life as the new year begins.


Resolution #3: Extend your network


We are thinking specifically about the people who will help you in your career, so when thinking about the new year, consider what you can do to engage with more people in your profession. Are there any conferences or other industry events happening next year? If so, mark them in your calendar. Are there people at work that you should get to know better, for professional as well as personal reasons. If so, make the effort to get to know them. Many of us vow to increase our social life in the new year, so do the same, but in this instance, find those people who will improve both your work life and chances of career progression.


Resolution #4: Experience something new


Another common resolution, but for the purposes of this article, look for those new experiences that will benefit your professional life. Could you take on new responsibilities at work? Should you take on a side-hustle to improve your earning potential? Could you take on voluntary work to both improve your skill set at work and enhance your career chances? Sure, you may have to step out of your comfort zone, but the new year is a good time to think about pushing yourself into something you have never done before, and if something can raise your bank balance and improve your career, then go for it.




Use our resolutions to get you started, and then remember to include any others that are relevant to your work situation.


We hope you have a very happy and successful new year!