Being a beauty therapist is a highly rewarding job. You’re able to become best friends with your clients whilst they you use your services to unwind – as you make them feel great about themselves. However, it’s not always that plain-sailing. Sometimes, things go wrong, so it’s important to have the right insurance.

Of course, beauty isn’t just about what’s on the outside. As a beauty therapist, that’s something you will become well used to drilling into your clients. You will soon realise just how liberating making people feel good about themselves is and, if you don’t already, you will come to thoroughly believe that pampering is good for the soul. Building your own beauty business allows you to afford clients the indulgence you believe they deserve. Unfortunately, clients can sometimes suffer adverse and unexpected reactions to products and treatments. Not only does this lead to you feeling like all of that hard work has gone to waste, but you may be faced with a mighty compensation claim. So, what do you if that’s the case?

Beauty Therapist Insurance – Saviour


Beauty Therapist Insurance can cover a whole manner of things, from beauticians to make-up artists, whether you’re renting a chair in a beauty salon, freelancing, working at weddings, plus much, much more. Such insurance is designed to cover legal costs should any of your treatments, business activities or products harm a client or damage their property. For example, should they suffer an adverse reaction to a face mask, or a burn from hot wax and choose to sue – the insurance policy will cover costs. It’s also advisable to consider the tools and equipment option when seeking a Beauty Therapist Insurance policy, as this will prove very helpful if your equipment is ever stolen.



Public liability insurance for beauty therapists covers harm accidentally caused to a member of the public while at work, whilst product liability insurance will cover harm caused by a product sold by a beauty therapist. Public liability insurance is automatically covered in many freelance and mobile beauty insurance policies, alongside products liability, treatment risk and financial loss. Optional covers include employers’ liability, money cover, stock and equipment, legal expenses and personal accident. The liability limit available is generally around the £5million mark. A range of treatments are included under Beauty Therapist Insurance cover, from acid peel to baby massage to HD brows and much, much more.



It has emerged that around one in four beauticians in the UK are operating without insurance meaning, they are leaving themselves vulnerable to financial ruin should a compensation claim arise. Hair stylists and beauty therapists working directly for salons are likely to be covered under their employer’s policy, however, freelance and mobile beauticians are responsible for arranging their own insurance. According to a survery by, Some 26% of beauticians admitted to not being insured whilst a further 15% were unsure. It takes literal minutes to take out Beauty Therapist Insurance and it could save your business one day.