Our mothers taught us many things. They taught us how to laugh and how to smile. They taught us how to look after ourselves, how to persevere and how to be well and truly ourselves. But most of our mothers didn’t tell us how to dress for less. But do not fear! We have compiled a list of the ways that you can look catwalk ready without having to break the bank! Check out a few of our hints and tips below and find out the frugal fashion tips that your mother didn’t tell you!


Get down to those charity shops


Charity shops are one of the tried and tested ways of getting vintage fashion at amazing prices. You can find some amazing little gems in charity shops, it just takes a little sifting. Make sure that you browse the charity shops in your local area and start looking better for less.


Top Tip: One of the best ways to ensure that you will find something that you love in charity shops is to go to the ones in wealthy areas. This means that the clothes donated will likely be of a higher quality. You could also make friends with the charity shop staff to see if you can get first pick of the stock that comes in!


Become an online bargain hunter


Why not invest a little bit of time in becoming a bargain hunter? This is a great way to keep the price of your fashion down while also picking up some valuable skills. Scour the internet and high street for great prices, discounts and sale items. You can find some great Phase Eight discount codes when you spend some time looking online. Your girlfriends will never go on a shopping trip without you again!


Top Tip: If you find an item of clothing that you really love while out shopping then make sure that you give it a quick google online before you buy it! More often than not you will be able to find the item for considerably less elsewhere.


Clothes swaps are a godsend


One of the best hacks that comes with frugal fashion shopping is clothes swaps. This is a great way to not only get something new and stylish without spending a penny, but also to recycle as well! None of your clothes will be thrown away with this great tip! Take a look at some of the ways that you can get involved with a clothes swap below!


  • Friends and family: Maybe you have some friends and family members that have some clothes of their own that they no longer want. If this is the case then why not suggest a clothes swap? You can do this with individual people or you can arrange a bigger meet up. Meet all of your friends together with their garments and get swapping! This is a really great way to get some new fashion statement pieces without having to spend a penny!
  • Online Apps: There are a range of online apps and internet forums that you can partake in a clothes swap on. Take a look at some of the clothes that people have on offer and suggest a swap! You can also check out sites like My Favourite Voucher Codes that help you to find discount vouchers on all of your favourite retailers.


Learn to sew


A great way to ensure that your clothes last longer is by learning how to sew. Don’t throw away your favourite top and buy a new one just because of a small hem malfunction! Invest in a sewing needle and tread and fix up your clothes accordingly! This is a really simple and easy way to save on your clothing shops.


Go to vintage shopping events


Vintage shopping events take place in almost every town and city. They usually sell clothing by the kilo and they are a super fun events to attend! Head to a vintage clothing event with your friends and take a look at the amazing deals that you can find there. You may have to sift through quite a lot to find your perfect pieces of fashion, but it is definitely worth it!


Buy for the opposite season


Shop for your summer clothes in the winter, and your winter clothes in the summer! This is a great way that you can start saving on your fashion. Fashionable items of clothing are always a lot cheaper when they are out of season. Start buying in advance and you will be able to save a boat load!


There are so many things that we can do in order to start saving on our fashion items. Picking the perfect fashion can have such a significant impact on our moods, and the thrill of finding those perfect items at great prices is even better. So make sure that you consider a clothes swap, head to the charity shop, become a bargain hunter, learn to sew, go to vintage clothing evens and buy for the opposite season. With these hints and tips in mind your wardrobe will be looking sparkly and new for less in no time!