You know this from your personal experiences that a good profile picture is essential for the first impression on a dating site, even more so since the development of the Tinder genre! When you click on someone’s profile page, the most important thing that attracts attention is the first picture we see. That’s why you have to keep some factors in mind when you try to find the perfect picture.


Be Yourself


Take a photo that expresses your personality. Do not try to be someone else – because when you meet the person, you feel attracted to for the first time, he or she can make the wrong impression. Take a new portrait picture that you really think shows who you are. For added effect, present a picture or two with you performing a favorite activity. Photos can be a great way to start a conversation.


Do not be too sexy


Always remember that if you are looking for a long-term relationship, sexy pictures are not what other people want to see when they are looking for a potential partner. You risk giving the impression that you have one thing in mind when you are looking for a hookup. From open talks with friends, the consensus is that a person seems a bit too desperate. So, ladies, show a reasonable level of cleavage and gentlemen, show your topless pictures only if you do activities that require semi-nudity (surfing would be the clearest example that comes to mind).


A friendly smile


There is no secret that people who seem familiar in the pictures are more likely to receive a message, rather than a person who has an angry face. It’s something good to feel, but take a typical photo of you, looking happy or doing something interesting with your clothes on. This shows you’re not a sex addict, but you’re an open, friendly person. Moreover, that’s what your profile picture should send – a positive first impression! You can browse all the Top 10 Best Dating Sites articles to see which one fits you best and also check out other people’s photos for inspiration.


After you set up your online profile and choose the right picture, it is important what you write in the first message contacting a person you found attractive from her/his profile. Your words should be well-chosen and be personal. Try to capture the attention of the person you want to know by creating space for conversation, mentioning things you find attractive in their profile and elements of your personalities or interests that can be a good fit. You can also show that he/she is the focus of your attention.


Show your interest


To know and to get the answer from the other person, you have to ask questions. However, try not to ask too many random questions – it is much better to get to know the other person carefully by reading their profile. See what their hobbies, desires, and principles are, look at the pictures and try to make a global impression on their personality.


For example, if you see he/she likes a particular activity, ask for how long has he/she been practicing it. At best, you can share the same hobbies and ask more detailed questions.


Make yourself sound interesting


Being interested in the other person makes you interesting too! You can start your messages with a quote from the other person’s favorite movie. This could increase their curiosity, and these messages have a much higher likelihood of receiving an answer than those that seem to be made after a template sent to all profiles.


On the other hand, the other person, of course, wants a photo of you so that he/she knows if it’s worth answering. It would help if you told the other person a few things about you. For example, you could say what kind of activities you like, what kind of music you are interested in or what kind of books you love to read. However, do not show too much of the first message – you still have to stay interesting!


Read this:


After touching base with someone and chatting for a few hours or days, the next challenge is to find the perfect location for your first date. Do you decide together? Alternatively, offer options? Whatever you choose, try to find a place or activity that suits you both.


Go for a walk


What he says about you: “I want to keep things simple, and I want to know you better.” If the weather is beautiful, a stroll in the park is a great way to get to know the other person better. Another great thing about walks is that they offer safety. The parks are usually crowded, and nothing bad can happen to you.


By following all the steps above, you will certainly be on your way to the first date in no time.