It’s wonderfully warm and sunny outside, isn’t it? I don’t know about you but I am totally and completely in love with this early summer we’re having – yes it’s technically spring but it’s so lovely and warm that it really does feel like summer.


While I love the warm weather, it’s often a struggle to know how to dress for it, isn’t it? The issue is that while it can be lovely and warm, the weather can also change extremely quickly – and when you’re heading to campus for a lecture, this can be a real issue. That’s why being smart about how you dress is so important.


The question is, of course, what kind of outfits work well for this somewhat temperamental spring weather? Below I’ve shared some of my favourite spring looks that are perfect for those temperamental spring days…


Midi skirt, slogan tee and converse


One of my absolute favourite go-to spring looks is the combination of a midi skirt, cute slogan tee, and a pair of converse – or white trainers. Not only is it on trend this SS19 but it’s also ideal for spring’s temperamental weather – it’s summery but not too summery. If the weather is a little nippy, I often opt to swap a short-sleeved tee with a three-quarter length one instead. Or, I top the look with a knitted cardigan or a denim jacket.


I recently purchased a beautiful leopard print midi skirt and a black cropped top that looks great with an over-sized denim jacket worn on top. It’s cute, it’s chic, and it’s elegantly stylish too. Plus it’s super comfy and ideal for lazing around in lectures or alternatively for sunbathing afterward.


Long-sleeve dress, ankle boots, and a cute shoulder bag


One of my go-to spring looks has to be the combination of a long-sleeve dress, like these designs from Quiz which are ideal for spring, tights or leggings, and a cute shoulder bag. Obviously, if it’s cold out I will also top the look off with a cute cardigan or my go-to denim or leather jacket.


Usually, if I am going to wear a day dress, I like to team it with my favourite pair of leather ankle boots. However, I have recently been trying out the trainers-dress look but I’m still not 100% sure about it to be totally honest… (I love it for midi skirts but shorter dresses I’m not sure if it suits me!)


Black ankle grazer jeans, striped tee, converse, and an oversize denim jacket


A favourite spring look of mine that is the perfect combination of casual and on trend fashion is the combination of black, super skinny, ankle-grazer jeans, a striped tee worn tucked in (obviously), converse, and oversize denim jacket. It’s cute, it’s chic and it’s effortlessly stylish.


If I am going to wear an outfit like this, I do always like to add a little extra something such as an eye-catching shoulder bag to jazz the look up a little.


There you have it, a guide to my go-to spring style perfect for students.