If you’ve organised a large-scale event before, you’ll know that it rarely goes 100% to plan. However, as an event organiser, part of your job is to ensure that nobody notices when things do go off track. Another, important part of your role is to ensure that all attendees and participants have an amazing time.


Here are some things you can do to guarantee your large-scale event is a storming success:


Have a pitch-perfect venue


If you’re looking for somewhere truly special to host your event, choose a temporary structure from a specialist firm, like Losberger De Boer. Temporary structures come in lots of different styles such as small tents, chalet style tents through to large all-weather halls. This is why temporary structures are suitable for all types of events, such as large weddings, conferences and seminars, concerts and sporting events. Plus, hosting an event in a tent, can add a ‘wow’ factor to the event as it can be set up and furnished to your exact requirements.


Think about the extras


People will get tired, hungry and thirsty at large-scale events, so you need to ensure there is ample space for people to rest, such as chill-out or break-out zones and that there is a good choice of refreshments on offer. Remember, not everyone has the same taste or requirements and you’ll have to consider that some people maybe vegetarians or vegans. You should also ensure there are plenty of restrooms onsite too!


If you’re providing VIP areas, people will expect the best, which includes high-quality décor, comfortable seating, delicious food and a selection of drinks.


Safety must always come first


Large events attract lots of people, which increases the risk of unexpected things happening like crowd-surges, pushing and fighting. Having the right security measures in place, such as barriers and fencing as well as having trained and experienced security personnel onsite to control crowd management will ensure everyone stays safe, including attendees, performers and volunteers.


Have a Plan B


One of the key things you must master when organising a large event is to always be prepared for the unexpected. What would you do if the electricity in the venue failed? Or, if it suddenly became flooded? You’ve got to decide if there is adequate space to relocate to, or if you would need to cancel the event. It’s important that your Plan B is finalised before the day, as things can change quickly, and you need to be able to react immediately.


Gather feedback


After the event, it’s a good idea to gather feedback which you can use to improve your next event. If people booked online, you’ll probably have their email address, which you can send a feedback form to. Or, ask people for their comments while they are still at the event.


The moto in event organising is ‘Be positive, be prepared and have fun!’ While, it may seem overwhelming organising a large-scale event, these ideas will hopefully help you pull off an event which is an amazing success as well as being incredibly enjoyable.