When it comes to planning a hen or stag do, whether you’re the bride or groom or the maid of honour or best man, there’s a lot that you need to consider. It’s not always a straightforward or simple task to plan that perfect celebration, so it’s worth taking the time to consider the best route to go down.


Bearing that in mind, I have put together a guide on how to plan that perfect hen or stag do – for everything that you need to know, read on.


Get inspired


First things first, take the time to get inspired. If you are going to plan the most amazing hen or stag do, it’s crucial that you take the time to find inspiration – you may never have planned an event like this before, and so it’s natural to need a little guidance.


One of the best places to find guidance is online – I find that social media sites like Pinterest are ideal for gaining inspiration and ideas. Create a board on Pinterest and take the time to research and pin suitable ideas – use this social media site as a mood board for mind mapping the best way to celebrate. Honestly, you will find some amazing ideas on here.


Take budget into account


A key aspect to consider is budget. Different types of hen and stag dos cost different amounts to organise. It’s essential that when it comes to planning the event that you take the time to consider the amount that you have to spend.


Different types of celebrations will require different budgets. For instance, a hen or stag do abroad will cost more than holding one here, however, if you have the budget for this kind of celebration, it’s most definitely worth looking into. Especially as you can find great ideas for unique stag or hen weekends abroad at Opodo.co.uk. There are so many incredible options available, it’s just a case of being mindful of time, budget and preference.


Hen party and stag do ideas


The relaxed one: For a calmer and more relaxed experience, a spa break could be the ideal way to celebrate. Picture this: a few days of prosecco on tap, massages, and a range of spa facilities to enjoy, in addition to a scrumptious afternoon tea. For a twist on this idea, why not head to a spa abroad?


The party one: For a celebration that is reminiscent of your youth, a weekend of partying could be the answer. There are some incredible locations in the UK, however, for a fully immersive experience, it has to be abroad. One of the ideal places to head to for a weekend of partying is Amsterdam, where you will have an experience unlike any other. You can book flights for your stag or hen do in Amsterdam with travel experts, making the entire experience far simpler and easier to organise.


The alcoholic one: For a party celebration with a twist of sophistication, why not organise an alcohol-related event with a unique aspect to it? Think cocktail making at a classy bar. Beer brewing at a local brewery. Gin making. Wine tasting. There are plenty of options that could work incredibly well.


The shower one: If a hen or stag do is not suitable, how about throwing a hen or stag shower – aka a simple party where guests come, have cake, a glass of wine or two, and celebrate with the happy couple.


When it comes to planning a hen or stag do, there is a lot to consider. However, the guide above should help to make the process of planning this kind of event simpler and easier.