Like a lot of millennials, I lead a rather hectic life. I have a busy job and a hectic social life, which can sometimes mean that I end up feeling overly stressed at the end of the working day. My go-to stress reliever is a relaxing bubble bath, however in order to feel relaxed while in the bath, the room that I am bathing in needs to be designed in the ideal way.


I have recently overhauled my bathroom and designed a more tranquil and relaxing space that has some wonderfully calming spa vibes. I took inspiration from my favourite local spa, to create a space that I could truly relax in.


Keen to know how you can transform your bathroom into a more tranquil and calming space? Have a read of the tips, inspiration and ideas below!


Be selective about the colour scheme


Did you know that while certain colours can aid relaxation, other colours can cause more stress? Steer clear of bright, bold colours and instead opt for natural tones, such as sand, seafoam blue, and mint green. These cool neutral colours are often used in spa environments as they create a sense of tranquillity and calm.


If you prefer brighter colours, why not opt for their pastel alternatives? Pastel hues, such as candy floss pink, duck egg, sky blue, and parma violet purple are all softer, more relaxing versions of brighter colours that can cause more stress, rather than aiding relaxation.


Choose accessories carefully


The key to creating a relaxing space is for that area to be a minimalist haven. Clutter makes stress worse, so what you want to do is design your bathroom with this in mind. Invest in a selection of carefully thought out bathroom accessories, but don’t overcrowd the space. The key thing is to pick accessories that perfectly fit the colour scheme and theme and are of a high-quality.


If you’re stuck for ideas in regards to what to add to your bathroom, then it might be worthwhile taking the time to get some inspiration. I often find that the best source of my inspiration is Pinterest, as there are so many different design ideas available on there – you can even search specifically for spa bathrooms.



Be mindful of your personal style


While creating a spa-like bathroom is the goal, it’s also important to think about your personal tastes. For instance, spas usually have white waffle robes and white towels, however, I have a preference for geometric printed towels that add a little extra style to the space. So after I found a selection of designs that I liked on LionsHome, I decided to break the mould and swap the white towels I was going to buy for designs with a unique and quirky twist.


Don’t be afraid to add features that reflect your personal sense of style. It’s all well and good creating a spa-like bathroom, but if the space doesn’t suit your tastes, then you will naturally find it difficult to relax and unwind.


There you have it, all of the best tips and advice for creating a spa-like bathroom