Las Vegas seems to find its way onto most people’s bucket lists as one of those places that has to be visited at least once. Yet solo travellers are often apprehensive. Even those who are comfortable with their own company can do a double take at the thought of hitting Sin City. Isn’t this the sort of place you really need to experience with someone else?


In some ways they might have a point, but if you take that attitude, you could come up with reasons why it’s good to have some company at practically any destination. The truth is, Vegas is a unique, unmissable, unforgettable experience, and the following tips will help you get the most out of your solo visit.


Join a night tour


Let’s get one thing straight, there is far more to Vegas than neon lights and casinos. However, you definitely need to spend some time experiencing its most famous attributes, and Fremont Street after dark is the time and place to do so.


If you have reservations about wandering around a strange city all alone at night, hop on one of the night bus tours. As well as giving you a good view of the most famous spots along the strip, it will give you an opportunity to buddy up with some other soloists. This is particularly handy when you are given an hour to wander around Fremont street with its bizarre array of street performers. It’s also the perfect moment to pop into the Golden Nugget or the 4 Queens to try your luck. Prepare yourself by choosing your slot game of choice at an online casino first, so you know what to expect.


Do the buffet


Vegas has many nicknames – Sin City, Glitter Gulch and so on. But you could add The City of a Thousand Buffets to the list. All the big hotels and casinos have some sort of buffet going on, and if you’re not a fan of eating alone, it is the obvious choice. Miss breakfast, hit the brunch option, and you will be set up for the day.


Tour the strip by day


Just as Fremont Street is best by night, the famous venues on the strip are ideal for a daytime stroll. Taking in the excess of Paris or riding in a gondola at The Venetian, it is easy to lose track of what time it is anyway. And while we are speaking of tracks, the monorail is your friend when touring the strip, so make use of it!


Consider a hostel

Accommodation is always a matter of personal preference, but if you are travelling on a budget, a Vegas hostel ticks all the boxes, just remember that when it comes to hostel travel, it’s essential to pack the right suitcase that is strong, sturdy and secure, like the ones on offer at Casepoint. There are plenty around to choose from, but Hostel Cat gets fantastic write ups and is conveniently located close to the strip. Single sex dorms provide an opportunity to team up with fellow travellers for some great nights out. Just remember the golden rule – what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas.