The internet is considered a 21st-century phenomenon, and as such can be intimidating to the older generation. However, the prevailing view that the internet is a young person’s game is sheltering older people from a wealth of online opportunities for them. The virtual world holds solutions to many problems older people face, be it mobility, memory, or health issues. Help the older people in your life to use the internet and watch them become more tech-savvy, independent, and connected with the world.


Let’s look at 5 everyday essentials your older family members can be doing online:


Grocery shopping


Touch screens are easier for elderly people to manage than traditional computers. Get your older family members a tablet, alter its settings to basic, and point them in the direction of online supermarkets. Most supermarkets allow customers to shop online, meaning older people can spend as much time as they like browsing, hunting for good deals, picking a delivery time which suits them – all without the hassle of going to the shops. This is a particularly good idea for those who no longer have access to transport; they can order as much as they need without the stress of getting it home.


Communicate with friends and family


With so many of us at work, on the go, or simply with hectic schedules, it can be difficult to arrange that much-needed time with your elderly family members. Encourage older people to stay in the loop with online communication. This could mean joining social media, giving them access to their loved ones’ photos and life updates, or simply using apps like iMessage, WhatsApp, FaceTime, or Facebook Messenger to stay in contact. 


Mental stimulation


As we age, it becomes more and more important to keep our minds engaged. The internet holds a wealth of opportunities for mental stimulation. Online games such as sudoku, chess, scrabble and card games can slow the progression of cognitive decline, and online gaming communities can provide extra communication for the elderly, helping to prevent feelings of loneliness. The internet is above all a learning opportunity and having unlimited access to news articles and online encyclopaedias is highly beneficial for older people.


Life admin


The internet is becoming more advanced, meaning that mundane activities can be taken care of for us. Older people should take advantage of life admin apps like calendar, notes, and reminders to help improve their memory and organisation.




As well as promoting good mental health, the internet can help older people to stay physically healthy. Being able to access information about health is made very easy by the internet, as elderly people can research their health concerns, medications, and ways to improve their health. More and more doctor’s surgeries are now allowing appointment scheduling via the internet, and prescriptions can also be renewed online. Encourage your elderly relatives to try the online prescription service by Lawsat for a range of pharmacy services to keep them healthy.