Love moves in mysterious ways, don’t you think? Just when you thought that you’ll never have to worry about feeling such mundane and troublesome emotions, it’ll strike you like lightning – alerting every single cell in your body. Your mind goes blank, your knees get wobbly, your heart throbs like crazy, and your stomach starts churning like you’ve just swallowed a whole turkey. Love is a most confusing, annoying, and nerve-wracking emotion. And yet somehow, we always fall prey to it. We don’t even get a chance to brace ourselves because it comes like an avalanche.


You know what’s even more amusing? It’s that we can’t even control who we’ll be falling in love with. You can have a type. You can list down a whole book of things about the kind of person you’d prefer to fall in love with. But the more you do, the less likely you’re going to end up with that person. In fact, the more astray you become – I mean it. 


I don’t know if it’s Cupid’s fault or whether the spirit of April Fools has got something to do with it but people are likely to fall for someone in the most peculiar places and curious times. It’s as if you never really considered falling in love with someone at the time but it seems like your heart has other plans for you (or should I say brain?). Anyway, what I’m trying to say is that love knows no form. It knows no ambition. It has nothing to do with what you want or what you would like to do. It will selfishly grab onto your heart, squeeze it like a freshly sliced lemon until you give in. Just check out these couples for example:


The same goes with transgender relationships.


Can A Relationship Between A Straight Man & Transgender Man Work?


People have this common misconception that the only way for non-binary sexes to find success in love is to date someone who truly understands them down to their very core – aka people who are exactly like them. This means homosexuals are for homosexuals and transgender people are for other transgender people. In fact, the people who strongly believe in this are the same people who are part of the LGBTQ circle.


But who can blame them for refusing to believe that love between a straight and transgender individual can be real? In order to understand their sentiment, we first need to put ourselves in their shoes. Most LGBTQ individuals, my posse, have had previous failed relationships with straight people. And a good fraction of these relationships have ended miserably – with issues of infidelity, unfaithfulness, dishonesty, and the like being common causes of the break-up. 


Needless to say, there are people who take advantage of this group because they are so eager to find a true connection with other people. A man pretending to love a homosexual or transgender man in exchange for financial favors is not that uncommon, unfortunately. Still, just because that reality exists does not mean you should deny or ignore all other realities.


Fact of the matter is that true love still exists out there (read more). A love that knows no bounds, knows no reason, and does not make excuses. A love like that is something that you deserve – and it is very much possible. All you have to do is to learn where to look. 


How Can You Start Trans Dating?


If you’re hell bent on making a real connection and starting a serious relationship with someone, then keeping your options open is always a good idea. And I do mean “open” as being acceptable of all people coming from all walks of life. I know that many of you may feel some apprehension towards the idea but I also know that some of you are more than just your sexual orientation. Some of you believe in love and its rawness; you’re exactly the kind of people who deserve the best relationships.


But wait, how do you start mingling with transgender men and women? Well, let’s just say that technology has got you covered in that department. Nowadays, we have some of the best transgender dating sites for the hopeless romantic. Actually, scratch that. It doesn’t have to be romantic if you’re not quite ready for that yet. It can be an intimate friendship. After all, a real connection does not between couples alone. It can also happen between good friends; it’s just a whole different kind of special.    


There are many online transgender dating websites like TS Dates and My LadyBoy Date. They generally have an easy sign-up process and great assistance so that interested users, like you, can enjoy your time using the website. The best part of it all is that it’s free. You don’t really have to pay big bucks just to meet amazing people. All you need is a device that can connect to the internet and you can start mingling.


Will A Relationship With A Transgender Work Out?


This is probably a question all of us would like to know before we engage into any kind of relationship. If you’ve been through a bad relationship before, I can understand why you’d be so wary about dating again. Dating just to fail can really be a painful experience. A lot people suffer from the same pain; others unable to open up their hearts again after being through so much. However, love simply works that way. And whatever pain you feel after a relationship fails is just proof that you have loved for real – and that makes the pain beautiful beyond words.


Honestly, whether your relationship with a transgender man will work or not is something that you alone can determine. It’s something that you will have to find out for yourself – just like the rest of. But you know, things won’t start unless you allow them to. So why not afford yourself a chance?