I’m currently in the process of planning my wedding, but as it won’t be until at least 2022, I have plenty of time. I have lots of ideas that I would like to implement and lots of dreams that I would like to make come true. All of these are saved on my Pinterest wedding board – I could spend hours pinning away. Anyway, I thought that today, I would share with you, how I will be going about planning my wedding. I’ve included tips, advice, and suggestions of how you can make your wedding unique, just as I plan to.


Save money and buy a high street dress


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I want to look gorgeous on my wedding day as much as the next bride, but I am not going to spend thousands of pounds to do it. A couple of years ago my mum got remarried, she bought her wedding dress off the internet for just over £100, and you know what, she looked stunning. The dress was beautiful – you wouldn’t have known it wasn’t designer. If you do want a designer dress, your best bet is to sign up for bridal sale announcements and get your dress when it’s on sale. My aunt did this; she got a designer dress for a fraction of the price it should have been.


Do your own hair and makeup


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I’m a makeup lover, so I plan on doing my own hair and makeup. This will save me a ton of money that I can then spend on another aspect of my big day. If you decide to do your own hair and makeup, take the time to research different looks and style. And a word to the wise, make sure to use makeup that won’t create a flashback in the photographs. When it comes to my makeup and hair, I would rather opt for an understated look and then add some elegance and style with a beautiful piece of unique jewellery from online stores like Red Dot Jewels. I like to stand out, and wearing a unique piece like this, would help me to do so. 


Don’t serve champagne on arrival


by Chelsea Elizabeth Photography


I don’t know about you, but I want my wedding to be unique. That’s why I won’t be serving champagne on arrival. Instead, I’ll be serving some other fun and exotic drink – I haven’t decided what yet. Right now, cocktails and milkshakes are on the cards – I want cocktails my partner wants milkshakes. I’m all about making my wedding fun and unique, which is why I’m happy to save the champagne for later on.


Do something different for your wedding breakfast  



afternoon tea 4


A sit-down meal is not only a little boring but also very expensive. Like most brides I am on a budget, so I plan on doing something different for my wedding breakfast. The options so far are a hog roast – this is affordable and fun, a buffet, or afternoon tea. Afternoon tea might not sound like enough for a wedding meal but with all the courses that come with it, it sure is. Plus, you can always serve nibbles later on.


Have a photographer and a photo booth




I’m saving money on other areas of my wedding so that I can have both a photographer and a photobooth. I want professional snaps of all my nearest and dearest, as well as a few natural shots of the party. However, I also want some fun photos; that’s why I’ve been looking at hiring a Halo booth complete with a few cute props. I want fun picture with my family and friends, as well as some more formal ones. I’m also going to have signs with our wedding hashtag for Instagram on each table so that all the photos shared on there are easy to find.


Make time to be with your husband


Couple holding hands


Last but not least, make time to be with your husband. On my wedding day, I hope to have some alone time with my new husband. Whatever venue I pick, I’m going to ask for a small area to be cordoned off for us to share some quality time together. I saw this idea on Don’t Tell The Bride and loved it!


So there you have it, how I would plan my dream wedding. I hope this has given you some inspiration and a few useful ideas.