Like many young people, when it comes to travelling, I like to choose destinations that are, somewhat Instagrammale. (Okay, that was a lie – I look for totally Instagrammable spaces, and you know what? I’m not even sorry!) 


Liverpool is a city that I will soon be spending a lot more time in, as my brother has recently moved to just outside of the city. I’m really looking forward to exploring a new place, and checking out all of the tourist hotspots, incredible shopping facilities that Liverpool is known for, and of course, all of the most Instagram-friendly locations. 


A great resource for learning more about the city, when you’re planning about visiting Liverpool, is the Liverpool ONE website. There’s an abundance of resources on here, ideal for helping you to plan your stay. 


Where are the most Instagrammable locations in Liverpool?


Huskisson Street 


An Instagram-famous location in Liverpool is Huskisson Street – along with all of the streets leading off of it. Think Nottinghill in London and you’ll get the idea… Tucked away in the Georgian Quarter, situated behind the Anglican Cathedral, it’s a beautiful street and perfect for creating the most gorgeous Instagram shoots.


The Florist 


If you’re looking for somewhere cute, quirky and wonderfully unique, then The Florist is the ideal spot to head to. It’s the most incredible location for snapping some picture-perfect Insta shots. Think floral interiors and the most incredibly creative cocktails… Dubbed the city’s most Instagrammable bar, this is a bar unlike any other. The only issue is, being so popular it can (apparently) often get a little packed making achieving that perfect shot more of a struggle. 


The Bluecoat Courtyard 


The Bluecoat Courtyard in the city centre is another fantastic Instagrammable location that is a must-visit while you’re in Liverpool. If you’re keen to shoot a few different looks at one location, this is the place to go. The old-style brick creates the perfect backdrop for an array of photos, as do the beautiful shop fronts and not forgetting, their quaint steps outside. The actual building itself is also gorgeous to look at and perfect for photographing. 


The Georgian Quarter 


The Georgian Quarter is beautifully elegant and peaceful, despite being situated in the heart of the city centre. There are lots of gorgeous locations within The Georgian Quarter, perfect for photos, but one of the best ones is – according to local influencers – 60 Hope Street, who redecorate their doorway with the most amazing flower displays which are designed to fit perfectly with the changing seasons. This means that it’s a location you can revisit throughout the year and create an abundance of unique photos. Also, if you’re feeling hungry or are in need of a coffee, they serve some amazing food and drink. 


There you have it, some of the most Instagrammable locations in Liverpool – all of which, I cannot wait to visit. 


Keen to learn more about Liverpool’s most incredible destinations perfect for Instagram? Check out the infographic below created by Liverpool ONE. 



*This is a sponsored post in collaboration with Liverpool ONE. All thoughts are my own.*