Having curly hair can be a blessing and a curse. There are people who would kill to have curly hair like yours, but they don’t know how much of a pain it is to handle!


If you manage to tame your curls, then you can enjoy the benefits of having such wonderful wavy locks. So, here are some essential tips that all curly-haired girls need to know: 


Get a trim every six weeks


Regular haircuts will work wonders for the health of your hair. If you leave months between cuts, then you will likely end up with split ends. This can cause damage to your hair, but it also leads to frizziness. Now, frizziness is an issue for all hair types, but it’s catastrophic for someone with curly hair. When you add some frizz to your curls, it creates an image that’s akin to a scientific experiment gone wrong. You don’t need to take loads off, but a quick and simple trim every six weeks will keep your curls in great shape. 


Condition your hair as often as possible


Hair conditioner is designed to moisturise your hair and keep it nourished. Again, this keeps the frizz at bay! You can pretty much apply conditioner every single day, but you don’t have to be this religious with it. A few times a week for a normal conditioner is all you need to see amazing effects. There are lots of products out there like Curl Jelly that are designed specifically for curly hair as well. This can help you see even more benefits as the conditioner is meant to react with the curls and keep them in excellent condition while still providing moisture. 


Don’t wash your hair with shampoo every day


Curly hair depends on all the natural oils from your scalp to keep the curls tight and healthy. If you shampoo too often, then you wash all of these oils away. While your hair may feel clean, it will soon end up frizzy and out of shape. A couple of shampoos per week is basically the maximum you need to go with. Some people are very lucky and can go up to a month between washes – but this all depends on the individual. 


Brush from the bottom up


Lastly, you need to brush or comb your curls from the bottom up. This sounds freaky, but there’s a good reason to follow this tip. If you brush from the top down, then you end up bringing any knots down your hair to the bottom. As a result, you get a big knot at the end that you have to yank through, causing a lot of hair to fall out. By going from the bottom upwards you deal with the knots individually, avoiding any damage to your hair. 


If you’re blessed with curly hair – and it is definitely a blessing – then these are the tips you need to follow. You’ll soon find it a lot easier to tame your hair, so you can start enjoying it rather than seeing it as a burden!