Are you passionate about beauty? Chances are there’s nothing you love more than watching beauty Youtube videos, chatting about beauty and practicing on yourself. But why not go a step further and turn it into a business? Here are just a few ways you can go about it. 


Become a beauty professional

You could become a makeup artist, a hairdresser, nail technician, lash or tanning technician with the right training and really turn your love of beauty into a career. Whether you work in a salon or work for yourself (either from home or mobile) these are great, rewarding ways to make money. You could specialise in a certain area such as wedding makeup or special effects, or take a more ‘all round’ approach. If you’re naturally a people person and have a creative flair then something like this would be ideal. The more training you do and the more qualified you become, the more you’ll be able to charge. Building your skills as you go can be incredibly satisfying too, and if you’re in need of a change of career then it could be a way to work a job that you genuinely enjoy. The great thing about the beauty industry is there are lots of different directions you can go in with it, and you can continue adding more skills as you go along. If you wanted to get more medical type training you could look into asthetics such as injectables and other types of treatments which take time to qualify in but can earn you a lot of money.


Start a blog

The thing about blogging is you don’t need to be an expert, you just need to have a passion. Blogging is all about sharing your own personal thoughts and opinions, and while things like advice posts should be well researched, you can do well just by sharing makeup and nail looks you’ve created, reviews of products and more. Beauty blogging is a huge community, starting your own blog can open up all kinds of new friendships as well as opportunities too. In time as your site grows, advertisers and sponsors will begin to contact you about paid work and you can make a good side income or even a full time living with your blog if you keep at it. It’s not a get rich quick scheme, but its something you can start as a hobby and the opportunities will come in time. Many beauty bloggers started their sites at a time when there was no money in blogging, but have built themselves up over the years and are now reaping the rewards of their hard work with plenty of paid opportunities. 


Buy and sell beauty products

Buying and selling for a profit is a tried and tested business model, and it’s something you can do with your love of beauty. Since you’re already knowledgeable about beauty products, you know exactly what’s likely to sell well and how much people will pay. Your first step is to find your niche, it can be difficult but think about how you will set yourself apart from your competition. For example, instead of just selling random items of makeup on their own, perhaps you could put together makeup gift hampers? Instead of selling toiletries, maybe you could sell ready-made travel bags of toiletries that are ready to go? You can sell things like this for a little more as people will pay for convenience. Running a beauty business is something you can do from home, even if you cant (or don’t want to) do every job yourself. You can find IT talent to build your website, outsource your marketing to a company and even outsource fulfillment and shipping if you start receiving a lot of orders. This allows you to focus on the parts of business that you enjoy, and ensure all other areas are being run reliably and professionally.