Marketing is not for everyone. Trying to sell something through imagery is not everyone’s cup of tea. It’s highly demanding of creativity and you have to think of displaying something that truly does, speak a thousand words. Thankfully, there are some basics that have stood the test of time that everyone can learn. There are some ad strategies that have been able to be adapted from the time of their inception to the current moment. You may be surprised but they are often the cheapest and most effective ways to market your business.



The best ever?


The best ad strategy online has always been PPC. Pay-per-click is simple and gets to the heart of the matter. It’s just a few high-quality images or photos that have text overlayed and they alternative like a slideshow on repeat. The images have to be relevant to your business and or showcase a product. If you’re selling a phone, show the display, list its features, and highly the price or the sale that’s on offer. Speak to a trusted PPC Agency that treats this kind of ad strategy as their bread and butter. Not only will they know how to build the visuals of your PPC ad campaign, but also, how to strategize the time of release, keyword implementation as well as cookie tracking for better targeting.




Every single business on earth must know their USP. A unique selling point is something that either, no other business offers or no other business is offering right now. Going back to the phone example, if you are selling a mid-tier smartphone, what makes you so special? There are over 20 different mainstream brands that sell mid-tier smartphones, so how do you stand out? You have to think about competitive pricing, better features like display, processor capacity, generous contract deals, great for selfies, or more options for customization, etc. Your USP must exist in your design and product by nature. It’s no good thinking of your USP after the fact. Your USP is something that your product must revolve around and maybe even your brand.


Brand positioning


Placing yourself strategically into a gap is one of the best techniques ever. Using a branding map, you can lay out where your rivals are and where there is a gap that nobody else occupies. Then you have a USP that is waiting to be exploited or a brand new position that you can latch onto. It is a game of king of the fort, and you need to establish yourself quickly before another company tries to do the same. The key is to genuinely want to occupy that space and not just because nobody else is at the moment. That can spell disaster as you can waste time, money, and damage your reputation.


These three ad strategies have always been around. Since the days of dusty markets in ancient Egypt to the modern-day technological world, having a USP, great PPC campaign, and positioning have stood the test of time.