A couple of weeks ago, I was invited along to the Lush Exeter Halloween blogger and press event which, I will clarify now, was absolutely amazing. (I was especially excited to receive the invite as I haven’t been to a Lush event since before the pandemic.)

This year the Lush Halloween range is absolutely ‘spooktacular’ (sorry, I couldn’t resist) and packed full of some seriously cool and quirky products with some amazing scents. 

What did the event include?

The evening began with a sparkling rose lemonade and candyfloss mocktail, which tasted absolutely delectable. It was sweet, refreshing, and wonderfully exotic. 

We were then able to stroll around the store at our leisure exploring the new Halloween product range, sniffing out all the best products, and getting demonstrations from the lovely Lush team. 

The first demonstration we had was for the Bat Art Bath Bomb and let’s just say it’s easy to see why it’s got art in the name. The minute this rosemary and sage bath shaped bath bomb hit the water, it started spewing streams of shimmery black, purle, and blue shades, and quickly turns the water completely black. 

Our next demo was for the UFO bath bomb which, much to our amazement, features a removable top, allowing you to see all the green and blue powder nestled inside. Once this yellow-hued bomb hit the water it began to slowly spin, quickly turning the water a frothy and yellow. 

Next up was a couple of bubble bar demos, followed by seeing the Lord of Misrule bath bomb in action. The minute it hit the water it began spewing frothy, creamy green foam which smelt absolutely incredible. This was followed by trying out the Lord of Misrule shower gel which is super thick and creamy, and smells absolutely wonderful. 

Once we’d spent some time checking out the entire range, testing out anything that took our fancy, and learning more about each product, we were invited to make our own Punkin Pumpkin Bath Bomb, which I was seriously excited about. 

The process began by taking the pumpkin-shaped mould and packing the stem with green bath bomb mix, followed by adding an orange mixture, making sure to clear the eyes and mouth of the mould ready for the yellow layer to be packed neatly into. Once the yellow layer had been added, the next step was to top the mould up with more orange mix, before smoothing out the surface and leaving the bath bomb to set. 

The last part of the evening included browsing, buying, and being gifted a fantastic goody bag packed full of Halloween buys, as well as couple of Christmas sneak peaks *cough, cough Snow Fairy*

What products does the Lush Halloween range consist of this year? 

This year’s Lush Halloween range is one of their largest selections ever, from blood curdling monster bath bombs to slimey shower gels and jiggling jellies, there’s a wide range to choose from. 

It’s clear that this season, Lord of Misrule (think: herbal, spicy mischief) is the hero scent at Lush, with the range consisting of a (seriously thick and creamy) shower gel, body spray, bath bomb, a bright green scented candle, and a calming massage bar. 

The range also consists of Blood Orange Shower Gel which, as an orange lover and a former Bubbly addict, is one of my favourite scents of this year’s range. Honestly, it’s just so fresh and zesty – if, like me, you’re a citrus lover this is unarguably a winner. 

As always, there’s a wide range of incredible bath bombs to choose from, including Screamo (a ghoul-like screaming face that’s rather freaky), Punkin Pumpkin (which has an uplifting citrus scent), Ghostie (could this citrus infused design be any cuter?), Bat Art (this herbal concoction is turns seriously colourful and wonderfully shimmery when added to water), Big Foot (think: milky hydration), I Want My Mummy (which offers an ultra calming soak), and UFO (that smells wonderfully citrusy and has a secret removable top). 

There’s also Toil and Trouble Body Scrub (think: the perfect combination of peppermint and lavender) and a Vampire Kisses Lip Scrub (which has a subtle sour grape flavour and scent), as well as a selection of bubble bars, including Bubble Lugos Bubble Bar, Pumpkin Sheet Mask Labyring Bubble Bar, Alien Bubble Bar, Cyclops Bubble Bar. 

The Halloween range also consists of Tarantula Shower Jelly, Sparkly Pumpkin Shower Slime, Ghost In The Dark Soap, Monster Mash, Mr Pumpkin Face Mask, Pumpkin Eye Pads, and a fun-looking Ectoplasm Create Kit for making your own Lush products at home. 

Honestly, this year’s range is absolutely incredible. The designs are insane, the scents are glorious, and the product functionality is unmatched. 

[This was a press event hosted by Lush Exeter and PrincessHay Exeter.]