Pretty much all businesses have a USP – a unique selling point. Whether they are aware of it or not, or are exploiting it effectively, is another question entirely. Your business has a USP. It could be any number of a vast range of things; it could be more than one thing. But you will have one. The trick is to know it and make use of it. That is because a USP is a reason why your customer should choose your products and services over your competitors. So, it really is a very important marketing tool. So, how do you do it?


In order to identify your USP, go back to basics. Think about why you came into business in the first place. Was it because you wanted to create something more eco-friendly, is it because you have a vast wealth of knowledge and you are the USP, is it because you use superior products, or is it all based on price? Maybe you could ask some of your employees or even your customers if you are unsure. Find out why they choose you. If you can find out why then you can begin to use it to expand your business.


As soon as you know what your USP is, you have a focus. Do some instigation and develop ideas around your USP and how to promote it and such. Then you need to make it a key aspect of your business brand. A brand is what you need to market your business. Branding is far more in-depth than it used to be. It is more than a great logo, colourful images and a tagline. It is a narrative, an evolution; it is a philosophy, an ethos, an ethical underpinning, and much more. If your USP is about how you use the best parts to make the strongest and more durable HGV trailers, then you need to have quality as part of your brand model. Your brand will then become synonymous with your USP. Every time a customer sees your logo, the idea of quality or price, etc., will emerge in their mind. By creating a narrative for your brand, you will find it quite easy to make individual marketing pieces. Adverts can all highlight something while relating back to your narrative. Something new will be part of the evolution of your business, relating back to your core values and such.

Social MediaIf you want to efficiently market your brand and USP, then you have got to be on social media. Customer engagement has never been a more critical issue. Customers want to have access to the brands they like. Social media also gives you unprecedented opportunities to promote your USP. Posting a couple of times a day will allow you to keep your brand in the mind of your customer and remind them why you are different and why they should shop with you the next time they need what you have on offer. Social media also give you insights which help you develop your marketing ability.