The safety of your car park in the office is paramount if you want to ensure that your employees feel safe coming to work. The car park should be somewhere that has as detailed CCTV as the office itself. If you have stairs leading down to your car park, they need to be well lit and they need to be operated with cameras so that people can feel safe wherever they go and whatever time of day their shift happens to finish. If you are not looking after the safety of your staff, they will not want to come back to the office and that might be crucial for the continued success of your business. 

Your vehicle spends a lot of time sitting around while you are at work, and the same is true for your stuff. If you ensure that your business car park is as safe as any other space in the business, nobody is going to worry about having to pay extra for insurance just in case their car gets broken into or stolen. You should see safety in your car park as an investment in how your employees feel about you, because how much you invest in their safety says a lot about how you feel about them. With all of this in mind, here are some of our top tips to improve your car park safety.

Image source: Pexels

  • Retractable bollards. Retractable bollards can be raised or lowered to allow or deny access to an area. When you have full time security on board with your business, they can help to control this and ensure that your people feel safe. It’s ideal for areas where flexibility is required, and it’s going to be the most basic type of Bullard that can be unlocked with the key. Retractable bollards are great if you need to have somebody monitoring the car parking situation throughout the day, because then they can control who comes in and who leaves.
  • Traffic calming measures. Not everybody likes to drive slowly in a carpark, and while this is dangerous driving, it’s often difficult to convince people to slow down. Traffic calming measures such as permanent in-ground bollards or speed humps can stop people from speeding around a car park just to get home. Take a few more minutes to leave the car park at the end of a busy day, but if it’s going to ensure that everybody is safe it’s a very good idea.
  • Lighting. If you want a safe car parking area then you need to make sure that 24 hours a day it is well lit. There should be no doubt corners where anybody could be hurt, and there should be no areas where people feel too unsafe to walk down. You should think in particular of the women of your organization who may feel uneasy about walking through your car park at night time. Instead, they should feel safe and empowered wherever they move throughout your business inside or out.
  • Rubber wheel stops. You can prevent cars from bumping the curb or other cars behind them with rubber wheel stops. Denting and damaging paint work is never fun, and it can be easily avoided. What can’t be avoided is people rushing on their way to work so instead of worrying about whether you’re going to have to deal with an insurance claim or a spat between your coworkers, make sure that you have will bumps to stop people from banging into each other.