Your feet perform an essential role in your mobility, literally carrying you through every step of your daily journeys. Without them, you wouldn’t be able to walk, run, or dance, yet many people’s feet often go unnoticed and neglected.

It’s essential to look after your feet, just like any other part of your body. Fortunately, keeping your feet healthy and looking great is simple and easy.

Check out these five top tips to help you have happier feet and feel more body confident, whether you’re walking barefoot or have them hidden away in shoes or trainers:

1. Practise Proper Hygiene

Whether you bathe or shower each day, one part of your body you likely pay little attention to is your feet.

They should be part of your cleansing rituals in your bath or shower, and ensuring that happens means you won’t experience any health problems due to poor foot hygiene.

It’s also essential that you dry your feet, especially between your toes, after you bathe or shower to prevent developing any fungal infections.

2. Keep Your Feet Moisturised

When your hands feel dry and rough, you likely apply some moisturiser to help rejuvenate them. It’s worth remembering that you should also follow the same principle for your feet.

Use a moisturiser that also works well for feet. Doing so means you will significantly reduce the risk of cracked skin, especially around your heels, and you’ll also help prevent calluses from developing.

Consider moisturising your feet as part of your after-shower or bath routine daily, or as part of your evening skincare routine.

3. Deal With Any Fungal Nail Infections

According to the British Skin Foundation, a surprising one in four people in the UK experience fungal nail infections or “onychomycosis” at any given time.

Given its prevalence, taking steps like keeping your feet clean and dry at all times makes sense for preventing the problem.

However, if you experience such infections, there are various treatment options at your disposal, such as over-the-counter and laser treatment for fungal nail infections.

4. Cut Your Toenails Properly

The sad truth about foot care is that some people are unaware of how they should trim their toenails. As a result, they end up with unsightly toenails and even ingrown toenails.

How should you trim your toenails? The answer is simple: trim them straight across and avoid cutting them too short. It would help if you also used a nail clipper that is clean, sharp, and easy for you to use.

5. Wear The Right Footwear In Public

Last but not least, it might seem like an obvious suggestion to make, but you must always wear appropriate footwear when you’re out in public.

For example, wear shoes or trainers instead of sandals on a cold and wet day, and make sure your footwear allows your feet to “breathe” – wet feet can increase your chances of developing fungal infections.

Check the breathability of your footwear before making any purchases, as that’s just as important as the look of your new shoes.