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Everyone likes to have a taste of the better things in life. A bit of luxury. For a lot of us, the occasional chocolate is the only luxury we get in a hectic life. A life that doesn’t always afford the budget to really live in luxury. However, you don’t need that huge amount of money to make luxury experiences a much more common experience. In this article, we’re going to look at four ways you can live a life that’s just a class better than usual. All without having to break the bank. So keep reading and get that bit of luxury you deserve.


Your home


One of the things I think about first when talking about luxury is the home. How we design and decorate. The kind of feeling our home gives. The luxury hotel look is the one that comes to mind. Clean surfaces, lack of clutter and plenty of cushions. It’s not too difficult to give your home that feeling without dipping too deep into your pockets. Keeping things uncluttered to keep it clear. Adding small touches like a vase on the entry table. What makes a home more than just functional is the little touches after all.


Your food


We already mentioned treating yourself to that bit of chocolate every now and then (or much more often than that). However, to me, real luxury food is about the meals we have. Processed and microwaved meals don’t exactly have the same appeal. It seems like effort and money are two of the key factors stopping a lot of us from cooking better meals. However, planning your meals and buying ingredients in bulk can reduce the costs big time. As for effort, starting with beginner recipes and working your way up can turn that work into a real hobby.


The sanctuary


For a lot of us, we all need a place to retreat to and relax. Personally, that will always be the role of the bathroom. In particular, having a great bath. It’s about more than warm water. It’s about setting a mood with music and candles. It’s about using the benefits of aromatherapy and pampering tools like Cote Bastide products. Every girl should have her arsenal of pampering tools. Building it up bit by bit is a lot less expensive than you might think and can keep you in supply for a long time to come.




A big part of living a more luxurious life is getting out of the house, as well. Taking the opportunity to see new things, have new experiences and taking a break from your average life. You don’t have to have the bank account of a jet setter to have the break you need, however. Whether you’re taking a road trip or putting on a backpack and joining a few friends, there are plenty of ways to make your own travelling break. So long as you prepare and keep safety in mind, you can have all those new experiences you need by just exploring.