I have seen quite a few other bloggers do these, ‘What’s On My Desk Posts?’, so I thought I would give it a go. Admittedly, most of the other bloggers who do these are much bigger than me, but even so, I thought I would do my own.


I am quite a new blogger – I have been writing for years as a professional copywriter, but have always been too busy to run my own blog. Well, until a few weeks ago that was, when I realised that if I wanted to launch a blog, it was now or never. (I decided to take the plunge, buy a domain, and get a blog designed, and I am so glad that I did!)


As well as using my desk for blogging, I also use it for my day job – copywriting. I am one of a growing number of university graduates who has decided against getting a nine until five office job. Instead, I get to work from the comfort of my own home, and I love it.


When I originally started copywriting, I worked on the sofa with my laptop on my lap. I soon found, however, that this didn’t work for me, and realised that I needed a proper work station. So I got creative and found a way around the lack of spare rooms in our house and commandeered the space under the stairs. (It’s an open space, I’m not shoved in a cupboard like Harry Potter.)


My desk is from this cute little second-hand shop in my hometown, near where my parents live. I am a real lover of vintage-style furniture, I saw this when I was around 17, fell in love with it, and begged my mum to get it for me for Christmas. It’s not the biggest desk in the world, but I absolutely love it, it’s so pretty and unique.


As you can see, I have a laptop and an iPad on my desk. You might be wondering why I need both – I tend to use my laptop for writing and my iPad for researching. Having my iPad is also ideal if I don’t want to switch between pages when creating content that needs lots of research.


I am the type of person who likes to have inspiration when I work, which is why there are a couple of printed quotes on my desk. My favourite is an Audrey Hepburn quote that a friend sent me – ‘Nothing is impossible. The word itself says I’m Possible.’




You will also notice that I have a planner and a notebook on my desk. I am the kind of person who needs a planner to follow, otherwise I end up in a mess. (For everything from meetings to daily tasks, my planner is crucial.) The cute floral notepad was a gift from my aunt, I now use it as a planning tool for my blog posts. It’s the perfect size for having on my desk or carrying around in my bag, I LOVE IT!




Beauty wise, the products on my desk change on a regular basis. Right now I have a Tiger Balm Neck and Shoulder Rub on my desk, as I suffer from bad shoulder pain. (Not too sure what caused this, but I think it’s the movement from typing all day long.) I also have my current two favourite hand creams on my desk – L’Occitane Shea Dry Skin Hand Cream and Burt’s Bees Hand Salve. I find that often, my hands become dry and sore while I am working. So having hand cream on my desk is a must – there’s nothing worse than the feeling of dry, sore hands. (Well, I don’t think that there is, anyway.)


I also like to keep a scented candle and reed diffuser on my desk, to ensure that my little office area always smells great. At the moment my candle is the most amazing raspberry Yankee Candle – I AM OBSESSED WITH IT!
So there you have it, a peek into my desk. What do you keep on your desk? Are you a messy worker or a neat freak?