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This week, we choose the theme for our link party as #prayfortheworld – with what’s been going on in the world, we thought it was only right. Just like Lorey – you can check out her blog here, my heart is breaking. From the atrocities in Paris to the attacks in Africa, this week has been one of the most awful in our history.


Innocent people have been taken from loved ones too soon and murder is once again being used as a weapon. Last Friday night when I first heard about what was happening in Paris, I was so shocked and so, so sad. I don’t often pray, but I put my hands together and said a prayer, asking God for his help.

What has happened is truly awful, and may have struck fear into us all, but they will not win. Time and time again, extremist groups have tried to take over the world, but no matter how hard they’ve tried, they have never won. When something like this happens, the countries of the world unite, and as one, we are strong enough to defeat the threat.

A Little About the Weekender

The Weekender is an awesome, NEW, Themed Link Party! It runs from Friday morning to Sunday night with the week’s theme being announced at the Party’s opening on Friday! The theme will always be somewhat broad so you can bring your own interpretation to the table, feel free to think outside of the box!

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This Week’s “The Weekender” Theme is: #PrayForTheWorld!

With last week’s attacks in Paris our hearts have been broken. Add the attacks in Nigeria and other countries and we are at a loss. And we’re know we aren’t the only ones. To show our support and our heart for these countries we decided to use the Twitter #PrayForTheWorld hashtag as this week’s theme. Whether you’ve written a post on what happened in a certain country, all the countries, a prayer, your perspective or just a post sharing your own heartache at these horrific events, let’s come together over this and connect. Let’s form a united front of compassion and hope.
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