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I don’t know about you, but I always seem to get sick. Every cough, cold and bug seems to take a liking to me – it’s been the same way since I was a kid. While I tend to be okay during the summer, the winter is a killer for me, I fall foul to cold after cold – eugh.


This year, however, something’s different. Instead of laying down and taking the onslaught of winter illnesses that come my way, I decided to fight back, and you can too. After a little research and a chat with my doctor, I had the answer. To beat those pesky germs once and for all, I needed to give my immune system a boost. (This is much easier than you would think to do.)



Want to know how you can boost your immune system and ward off those nasty germs? Keep reading, below:


Cut down on sugar


If you want to beat those nasty winter bugs, you need to cut down on sugar because it weakens your immune system. Yes, ladies, this does mean cutting down on your chocolate intake, but I promise you, it’s worth it.


I am a major chocoholic, but by cutting down, not only is my immune system healthier but so is my skin. Instead of snacking on chocolate and sweets, curb your sweet tooth with fresh fruit. Personally, when it comes to calming my sugar cravings, strawberries, raspberries and mango are my faves.


Learn to manage stress


It may sound a little strange, but hear me out on this. Yes, our bodies are made to handle stress, but our immune systems are not. If you are constantly under stress, the hormones caused by stress can damage our immune systems, making them less resilient. That’s why it’s so important to learn to effectively, manage stress.


When I first heard that stress could harm your immune system, I panicked. I mean, how do you reduce your stress levels? After doing a little research, I found that the best stress-relievers for me and deep breathing and practising yoga. Also, a hug from a loved one can work wonders. Studies have shown that the heartbeat of someone you love can do a lot to reduce stress. Pretty amazing, right?


Increase your nutrient intake


While healthy eating is essential for a healthy body, it’s not all it takes to keep yourself healthy. Whenever I was a child, my mum always made me take vitamins each day, but once I reached my teens, I stopped bothering. After reading an article online – you can read it here, I knew that for a healthy immune system, vitamins were crucial. For some great multivitamins, check out the Revive Health Care website.


As well as boosting my nutrient intake with vitamins, I also drink a shot of pure aloe vera gel each morning. It might not taste very nice, but believe me, it does the world of good. Packed full of amino acids, antioxidants and multivitamins, when it comes to boosting your immune system aloe vera is a must. (Well, at least I think so, anyway.)


So there you have it, all the best tips for boosting your immune system. Increase your vitamin intake, fight stress and cut out chocolate, and you’ll be happy and healthier.