The online gaming industry has become a multi-billion industry over the last two decades. For those looking to change careers or indulge their creative sides, this growth has opened up a wealth of opportunities. Indeed, with online games generating $11.978 billion/£9.244 billion each year, making a career in the sector is not only viable but potentially profitable.


Gaming Gets Social


What’s more interesting than the money flowing through the online gaming sector is how diverse it’s become. When you take the online gaming industry as a whole, the opportunities are almost as diverse as the people that play. Part of this explosion in gaming is social media and mobile apps. Today, Facebook welcomes more than 800 million gamers each month. Playing everything from word games to Mafia Wars and Zynga Poker, the social media site has been the catalyst for the online gaming boom.


Also helping shape the industry into what it is today is casino gaming. Taking classic games and digitising them, developers have made casinos more accessible than ever before. Indeed, much like Facebook, gamers can now visit and access a myriad of games. From blackjack and roulette to innovative slots like Fishin’ Frenzy, top online casino sites are like a smorgasbord of gaming options. Beyond that, has turned video gaming into a collective experience. By removing the need for physical disks, Steam has made it easier to play the latest video games and, importantly, connect with like-minded gamers.


Earning from Modern Forms of Entertainment


Put simply, gaming is now a global form of entertainment that can be enjoyed by everyone. For those looking to jump on the bandwagon and profit from the industry, the opportunities are almost endless. Creative types with a tech mind can become a developer. Although competition is tough, the starting salary for a video game developer is £35,000 plus bonuses. Those who channel their creative tendencies through words rather than computer code are also in high demand.


As well as PR opportunities, freelancers keep the industry buzzing. All the leading gaming companies require SEO copy, news articles, reviews and more. Wordsmiths can cash in on this by linking up with a major developer or by working as a freelancer covering various areas of the industry. In a similar vein, artists are also in high demand. Illustrators take a simple sketch and turn them into awe-inspiring images on the screen. Using software such as Photoshop and 3D modelling programs like Maya and 3DS Max, you can turn a drawing into a digital character or landscape. Of course, if you’re not technical or creative but you love games, you can become a master gamer.


As well as professional players making money through tournaments and sponsorship, streaming has become a money-making venture. Hosting live shows on Twitch and YouTube can be highly lucrative if you’re highly skilled, highly entertaining or both. Put simply, online gaming has become a hive of activity in recent years and that means you can make money in multiple ways. Regardless of your skills, interests or location, entertainment has become profitable.