beauty brawl


It’s day two of our Blogger’s Beauty Brawl, and I couldn’t be more excited as it’s moisturiser day! As someone who suffers from both sensitive and dry skin, I am moisturiser mad. I do tend to swap from moisturiser to moisturiser, depending on how I’m feeling and how happy and healthy my skin is.


However, my face cream of the moment is Forever Living’s Aloe Moisturizing Lotion – notice the American spelling, that’s because it’s a product that’s made in the US. Not available to buy in the shops, this is a face cream that has to be bought from an independant business owner, like me. (I am beauty mad, so selling beauty products is the ideal extra money maker for me.)


Soft, soothing and incredibly hydrating, this aloe vera based face cream penetrates deep into the skin to give you long term hydration. This PH balancing face cream not only is rich in aloe vera natural vitamin E, and jojoba, but also contains smoothing and toning collagen and elastin. As well as being a great face and neck moisturiser, what I love most about this lotion is the fact that it can also be used as a moisturising primer under makeup. (I get dry skin and this is a real lifesaver!)


For me, another bonus of this moisturiser is the fact that it doesn’t sting my face when it’s applied. Thanks to the fact I have super sensitive skin, I’ve always found that the majority of moisturisers sting my skin when applied, but not this one.


FullSizeRender (24)


So what do I think about this face cream? I am a big fan, I love how light and creamy it, how quickly it soaks in, but how it also leaves my skin feeling hydrated for hours. The minute I apply this delicately floral scented cream to my face, I can feel it being absorbed. Thanks to the high percentage of aloe vera in it, unlike many other creams, this lotion is able to travel deep into the skin cells.


What makes aloe vera products so special? Aloe vera has regenerating effects on our skin cells slowing the aging process as it helps to boost cell division. (I might not be in need of anti-aging products just yet, but it’s good to know!) All the vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and amino acids of the aloe vera goes straight into the skin and works its way into the tissues. Aloe vera is also a natural UVA and UVB filter – aka, a natural protector from sun damage. Pretty amazing, right?


Another thing that I love about this face cream is the fact that once it’s absorbed, my skin feels soft, supple and smooth. The texture of the cream isn’t greasy and it doesn’t leave a residue, which I am pretty happy about. I’m really not a fan of oily or greasy face creams, as my skin is a little shine-prone as it is.


The natural makeup of this face cream, along with the fabulous consistency and lightness of it, really has made it a moisturiser that’s hard to beat. I mean how many other moisturisers are there that can also double up as an effective primer? This face cream really is a cut above the rest, I LOVE IT!


Priced at £12.73 for an 118 ml tube I would say that the price is just about right, especially as one tube tends to last me at least two months. Fancy giving this lovely face cream a try, you can order it online here.


Would I recommend it? To anyone who has sensitive, dry, eczema-prone – aloe vera works wonders on eczema, or shiny skin, I would definitely recommend this product. I’m quite picky about my beauty products, but this is one item that I really cannot fault, and that’s saying something!

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