beauty brawl


It’s already day 3 of the Blogger’s Beauty Brawl, which means it’s lip balm day! In case you missed my introductory post about what the Blogger’s Beauty Brawl is, I thought I would quickly explain.


So the Blogger’s Beauty Brawl is a Christmas collaboration with four other beauty and lifestyle bloggers. We have agreed to post a review a day for 10 days, each reviewing the same product type, using the same criteria on the same day. We even have our very own Top Trumps cards – our aim is to trump the other bloggers with our products. (We might be competing, but we’ve all agreed to be honest and score our prizes fairly.)


Then, at the end of the 10 days, the blogger with the most points will win some fabulous little prizes. While we all love prizes, for me, the best part about this is having the chance to get to know and work with other bloggers, some of whom are from the UK like me, and others who are from across the pond.


So that’s the Blogger’s Beauty Brawl explained, now onto the review. For my lip balm, I opted for one of L’Occitane’s lovely balms. Anyone who follows my blog on a regular basis will know what a lover of L’Occitane products I am, so it’s probably no surprise that I picked one of their balms.


FullSizeRender (25)


I really struggled when it came to picking out a balm, but after much deliberation I settled on their Pivoine Sublime Lip Balm. Enriched with extract of peony and SPF protection, this beauty balm nourishes and soothes lips, hydrating them for up to eight hours. I opted for the translucent balm, but it also comes in three other colours – rose nude, rose amber, rose plum, these all have a slight tint to them.


So what do I like and dislike about this balm? I love the chic packaging, it’s simple but elegant. (I’m all for simplicity when it comes to the design of my beauty products.) I love the brushed chrome finish and the eye-catching pink label – so pretty.


Another thing that I love about this little balm is the subtle, floral smell that it has. I’m not a fan of overpowering scents, so for me this is perfect. I also like the fact that when it’s applied, this handy little balm instantly soothes and hydrates, making my lips feel soft and silky.


Priced at £12 a tube, it might seem like this beauty balm is overpriced. However, I personally think that it’s worth the cost.


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