I’ve never really been a big fan of cleanser, I tend to use my Forever Aloe Hand & Face Soap to cleanse my skin each night, until recently that is. The other day, while going on a MUR spree in Superdrug – who isn’t obsessed with this awesome brand – I came across Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water. I’d heard a lot about this handy product but I’d never thought of trying it myself, until I saw that it was on sale, that is. I’m a sucker for a bargain!


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How do you use it?


I should mention that I don’t wear makeup everyday, but when I do it’s a full face of it. A light foundation (Hello, Rimmel Lasting Finish), concealer (MUA Pro Base Prime & Conceal), a little blush and highlighter (Smashbox Soft Lights Duo), and a dusting of bronzer (MUR Ultra Contour Palette), so it takes a couple of Micellar Water soaked cotton pads to get it all off. I tend to squirt each cotton pad with the water and then gently wipe over my face, starting at my forehead and working down.


Clearly Micellar Water rocks…


I’ve been using Garnier Micellar Water for a few weeks now and I think it’s safe to say that it was a great buy. It’s gentle on my skin, leaves it smooth and well hydrated, and best of all, prevents breakouts from getting out of hand. I mean that’s all well and good but I still wasn’t sure how it worked…


Even before buying Garnier Micellar Water, I’d heard a lot about it from my blogging friends. The ‘original’ Micellar Water was a product of Bioderma, which set the benchmark for other beauty and skincare brands. Before this smart water was a thing in the UK it was an obsession in France, where French women don’t allow tap water to touch their faces – showers must be tricky. I guess over there it’s the norm to bathe in Micellar Water?! Sadly, I’m nowhere near rich enough to be able to do that, so until I strike it rich, I’ll just stick to cleansing my face with Micellar Water.


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So what is Micellar Water and why is it so fabulous?


The thing is, I know what Micellar Water does but I don’t know why it does it – what is it that makes this cleanser any better than any other? It might look and feel like plain old cleanser, but Micellar Water is distinctly different. It’s made up of microscopic oil molecules known as micelles – hence the name Micellar Water, that are suspended in soft water. These clever molecules attach to the dirt, grime and gunk smeared across your face, quickly dissolving them, leaving you with fresh, clean skin. The great thing about Micellar Water is unlike normal cleansers, it doesn’t strip the skin of the good stuff, it only removes the dirt and grime. Pretty smart, huh?


Would I buy it again?


I think it’s obvious that I’m a real fan of this handy cleanser, so yes, I would absolutely buy it again. I love how gentle it is, even on my super sensitive skin. It removes makeup and dirt so quickly and easily, no scrubbing, no fuss, just quick and easy removal. What’s not to love? My absolute favourite thing about Garnier Micellar Water is that it doesn’t need to be washed off after use – bonus!