beauty brawl


Welcome to the seventh day of the Bloggers Christmas Beauty Brawl, today is eyebrow product day. (I should admit that this is the day I have been dreading as I don’t usually use brow products – shock horror!) Before I go any further, just in case you’re new to the beauty brawl, let me tell you a little about it.


From the the 14th to the 23rd of December, myself and three other bloggers are competing against each other with a selection of beauty products. Each day we review the same product type, using the same criteria, and a very special Top Trump card, to produce a fair result. At the end of the 10 days, the blogger with the best products gets a prize. Pretty exciting, huh?


As I have mentioned above, I don’t tend to use brow products. I pluck or have my eyebrows threaded, but for me, that’s as far as it goes. Normally that is, but since the start of the beauty brawl I have been pushed out of my comfort zone – probably a good thing, and have had to man-up, so to speak, and give brow products a go.


FullSizeRender (30)


For my chosen brow product, I opted for Collection Eyebrow Kit in blonde. I have blonde / brown hair, so had to ask one of the store assistants to help me out when it came to picking between the blonde and brunette kits. The main reason I opted for this kit was because it was fairly cheap, and as I don’t tend to use brow products, didn’t fancy spending a lot.


In the mini kit, you get three shades of powder – tan, chocolate brown and black, a double ended brush, and a clear brow mascara. As the kit is for blondes, I’m not sure what the black shaddow is for, I can see why you may need a little brown for darker areas, but not black. For my brows, I used a combination of the tan and chocolate brown powder, and that worked well.


I am a real fan of  the double ended brush, as it is firm and gives good control when applying the powder to your brows. The downside is that, sadly, the powder doesn’t stay in place very well. (This kit seems to be missing a vital beauty product – eyebrow wax for setting the powder in place.)


As for the clear brow mascara – a gel like substance, I’m not to keen on this. The idea of it is to set your brows neatly in place. However, I’m not a fan of how laqued it made my brows look – I felt a bit like a teenage boy wearing too much hair gel.


For me, this product was okay. While I wasn’t too keen on this brow kit, the whole experience made me rethink my brow care. This little kit may not have made it into my beauty bag, but a friend has recommended another product to try from Sleek. (I’ll be ordering that at Christmas, so I’ll let you know my thoughts soon.)


Of course, priced at just £3.99, when it comes to value for money, you can’t beat this little kit. It does have everything that you need to take care of your brows – accept maybe wax, it just didn’t agree with me and my brows, that’s all.
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