Exeter is an amazing city; it’s vibrant, unique, and wonderfully beautiful. Many of the buildings are incredibly old, which adds to the city’s incredible atmosphere, or at least, I think it does. I also love the cobbled streets that Exeter has, again these just add to the city’s charm. Out of everything that I love about Exeter, the wide range of different stores is at the top of my list! As a beauty blogger, I need access to all of the best brands, and I’m pleased to say that Exeter offers me that access.


So the question is, where are my favourite places to shop in Exeter?


1. Lush



Lush 5



Lush is my number one place to shop in Exeter – I can’t go shopping without popping in and having a browse. I love the smell that you get as you step through the doors; it’s sweet, soapy, and utterly delicious. My bathroom is packed full of lovely Lush products – you can’t have a relaxing bath without a bath bomb or bubble bar (the unicorn bubble bar is my absolute favourite), can you?! Every time I go to the Exeter store, I pick up something new to add to my rather large Lush stash – it’s an addiction really! I’ve been lucky enough to attend two blogger events at Lush and I have always had the most amazing time. What I love about these events is the fact that you get to try out all sorts of different products – every time I attend one of these events I end up trying out something new and being unable to resist taking it home. Currently located at the lower end of the high street, Lush is in the process of moving to a larger store in the middle of Princess Hay Shopping Centre – I cannot wait to see their new store!


2. Aromatika




I am a big believer of supporting local businesses, which is why I always like to visit Aromatika in Exeter, an independant beauty and skincare store. The products are all natural and handmade, which makes the higher prices worth paying. My favourite product from Aromatika has to be their Mini Facial Kit for sensitive skin – it’s amazing!


3. Smashbox (in Boots)




Smashbox is one of my favourite makeup brands; I love their products. Located on the lower floor of Boots, the Smashbox counter is one of my favourite places to shop. I swear by their highlighter and blush, and love their Full Exposure Eyeshadow Palette – the colours are so gorgeous. The lipsticks are also pretty impressive; they’re highly pigmented and wonderfully smooth to apply, plus the colour stays in place all day long and doesn’t tend to smudge – what’s not to like?


There you have it, a guide to Exeter’s best beauty stores! If you are visiting Exeter, I highly recommend that you check these stores out – each has a lot to offer!