Hello lovelies, as part of my 2016 goals, I’ve decided that at the start of each month, I will post about my favourite beauty products of the month before. I’ve seen a lot of other bloggers do these ‘monthly favourites’ posts, and I thought that it would be fun to give it a go.


For me, thanks to the Bloggers Christmas Beauty Brawl, December was a month that was jam-packed with amazing beauty products. I tried out so many awesome products, that I must admit, choosing just a few to talk about has been tricky. However, after lots of umming and erring, I have narrowed it down.


Anyway, onto my December beauty products of the month. What were the items that I fell head over heels in love with?


L’Oreal eye palette, La Palette Nude Rose


This has to be one of my absolute all-time favourite products. Until recently, I had never been very interested in eyeshadow – sounds odd coming from a beauty blogger, I know. I have always loved beauty products more than makeup. However, over the past few weeks, that’s changed and now I am completely OBSESSED with makeup, especially eye shadow.


L’Oreal was the first beauty brand to product a high street alternative to Urban Decay’s sought after eye palettes. Offering 10 shadow shades – five less than the Urban Decay Naked palettes, the Nude Rose palette is perfect for creating beautiful eyes. The thing that I love about it most is that subtle pinks in the palette, they’re just so pretty.


Pop Beauty mini eye palette, Bright Up Your Life


For me, it’s been all about eyeshadow this month. When I received my mini Bright Up Your Life palette in my Birchbox, I was over the moon. The peach-hued colours are just so pretty, and best of all, are highly pigmented. (One dusting of this shadow, and I’m good to go!)


I only have the mini palette, but as soon as it runs out, I intend on buying the full-size one. Priced at just £15.50 it’s such good value for money, especially as you only need a small amount of shadow for each use.




L’Oreal mascara, Mega Volume Collagene 24h


Until I tried this mascara, I was always a Benefit, They’re Real gal when it came to my eyes, but not anymore. I wasn’t expecting much from this mascara in comparison to They’re Real but boy was I in for a shock when I first tried it out. I could not believe how much better than Benefit’s mascara this was, I was in total shock.


What I love most about this product is how is give my lashes a major volume boost and makes them stand out amazingly, and all without causing clumping. I am so in love with this mascara, it’s unreal.


Aromatika, Calming Clay Mask


I reviewed the Aromatika Calming Clay Mask as part of the Bloggers Christmas Beauty Brawl and fell in love with it. I must admit that until trying this clay mask, I had never been a real fan of face masks, mostly because they tend to sting my sensitive skin.


What initially drew me to this mask was the fact it’s handmade, organic, and all natural, which made me think it wouldn’t upset my skin, and I was right. No burning, no stinging, no soreness, just lovely smooth skin.




Argan Secret, Argan Oil


Argan oil is something that all the top hairstyles have been raving about over the last few months, and right so. This stuff is AMAZING. Until now, I’ve never found a hair styling product that I LOVED, I may have liked a few products but I never fell in love with them. I actually got my pot of Argan Oil a few months ago, but only started using it a couple of weeks ago.


What I love most about this fabulous oil, apart from how lovely it makes my hair look, is the gorgeous smell. As soon as I first pumped a small amount of the oil onto my fingertips – a little goes a long way, I fell for the smell. A warming, creamy scent that reminds me of cocoa, the smell of this oil is divine. I have hair that’s neither curly nor straight, it’s in between both, which makes finding suitable products a little tricky. What I like about Argan Oil is that it not only moisturises my hair, but also takes it from a frizzy mess into lovely rolling waves.


So there you have it, my beauty products of the month for December. Have your tried any of these products? I’d love to know what you thought of them.