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You may remember that back in January I was asked to review a couple of beauty products from Lily Comely. The first product I reviewed was their lovely foundation – more like a BB cream really, I’m still using this and loving it. The second product that I was sent to try was their Deep Moisturising Facial Mask, something that, thanks to my incredibly dry skin, I was super excited to try.


According to the Lily Comely website, the Deep Moisturising Facial Mask hydrates the skin, promotes the formation of collagen and elastin, and stimulates skin cell activity, moisturising, nourishing and making the skin less prone to the signs of aging. So as well as being beneficial for dry skin, it also has anti-aging properties.


Packed in a simple white box complete with the Lily Comely logo and a fold up lid, each mask is individually wrapped and then placed in an envelope. While the envelope is a nice touch and adds a little extra elegance to the product, I can’t help feeling it’s a little wasteful. Is a box, packet and envelope really necessary?


Along with the four face masks that retail for £29.99, came an instruction card. Following the instructions, before using the facial mask I cleansed my face and patted it dry. I then removed one of the masks from its packaging and carefully unfolded it, removing the plastic coating before putting it on my face. I must admit, the mask was very wet, so much so that liquid ended up dripping everywhere. The other downside to this product was the fact that the mask was way too big for my face and also was completely the wrong shape. I know the packaging states that mask size and shape can vary due to the fact they’re made from natural silk, but even so.


As directed, I left the mask on for around 15 minutes (the box states 15 to 20 minutes is the recommended time). As I suffer from sensitive skin I was a little worried that the mask would upset my skin – face masks tend to leave me red, blotchy and sore, luckily however, there wasn’t a problem. I didn’t notice any stinging, tingling or burning, so I can safely say that these masks are suitable for even the most sensitive skin types.


After removing the mask and rubbing in the excess liquid as the packaging suggests, I sat and waited for my skin to absorb all the goodness. After about six or seven minutes I could feel my skin starting to dry. Once all the liquid had been absorbed, my skin felt fresh, smooth and most importantly, well hydrated.

Would I buy this product myself? If the mask size and shape was changed and the price was a little lower, I probably would do. I loved the results, it was just a shame that the mask was so large. If you’ve got dry skin that’s also super sensitive, I would definitely recommend this mask.