valentines day


Well ladies, it’s official, once again Valentine’s Day is here. Tomorrow will mark the day of love, which means roses, cutesy cards and candle lit dinners for two, if you’re organised that is. If life’s got on top of you and now – just a few hours before the big day, you’re starting to panic about your Valentine’s plans, there’s no need.


I’m going to be honest, it’s probably too late to get a table at your favourite restaurant but what you can do is plan the most amazing night in for you and your beau. That’s exactly what I’m doing with the fiance – having a quiet night in. This year I’ve teamed up with Durex to bring you everything that you need to know about planning the ultimate Valentine’s night in, complete with a recipe for creating a romantic three-course meal at home. The great thing about the foods on this menu is that they’re aphrodisiacs, perfect for a romantic and seductive night. (I don’t normally talk sex on here, but as it is Valentine’s Day – the day of love, I’ve made an exception.)  


For the perfect night in for two, here’s what you need to do.


The thing that makes Valentine’s dinners out so appealing is the wonderfully romantic feel most restaurants have. Think dark corners, flickering candles and rose petals scattered around, there’s something wonderfully alluring about a restaurant on Valentine’s Day. The good news is you can easily create the same atmosphere at home, all you need to do is get creative.


Just to give you some ideas… Draw the curtains and fill the room with candles – scented candles can be a nice touch. Scatter rose petals around – fresh smell lovely but can be messy to clear up. (Most supermarkets, sell silk rose petals.) Hang some heart-shaped bunting across the wall to add a little extra romance to the space. Jazz up the table with a pretty lace tablecloth. Dot the table with candles. Got a vintage candle stick? Put it to use. Got champagne flutes? Use them. Set the mood like you’re dining in a fancy restaurant and it’ll be a night to remember.


Set the mood – tick. Now it’s time to think about what food you’re going to serve. In my opinion, for Valentine’s Day there’s only one option and that’s aphrodisiacs. I was lucky enough to be sent an exclusive menu created by renowned chef, Valentine Warner, in collaboration with Durex, to try out. This exclusive menu, packed full of aphrodisiacs, can be downloaded from here for free. So if you’re lacking a seductive menu for tomorrow night, give some of these dishes a try.


Cocktail Shrimp with Avocado Salsa Sauce


On the menu is shrimp cocktail Mexican-style to start. This is the perfect starter for a romantic night in, it’s quick and easy to prepare, tastes delicious and because it’s packed full of avocado and chilli, it’s a powerful aphrodisiac. Packed full of herbs, vegetables and spices, this dish gives a power-packed punch.


rib of beef


For main, it’s rib of beef served with potato and pine nut salad and artichoke hearts. Seasoned with fennel and rosemary the beef is rather delicious – the fiance was a big fan of this especially as it’s best served blushing. The potatoes and pine nut mixed with tarragon, basil and Dijon mustard are beautifully aromatic and refreshing, perfect for serving with the beef.


bananas and caramel sauce


Now for my favourite part, dessert. Because bananas are aphrodisiacs, for Valentine’s Day bananas in a rum caramel sauce is the perfect option. Easy to make, delicious and most importantly aphrodisiac filled, for a cosy night in this is the ideal dessert. This menu is wonderfully indulgent, super easy to prepare and is perfecting for getting you and your partner in the mood, thanks to the fact it’s full of aphrodisiacs.


That’s Valentine’s Day sorted then. Make the day of love count by making it extra special for you and your beau.


*This is a sponsored post. However, I would never write about an idea or product that I don’t believe in.*