I love doing Secret Santa as it’s always a lot of fun. All through school, my closest girlfriends and I did Secret Santa, and it was always such a laugh. Admittedly, most of the time we all worked out who had who, but that didn’t matter, it was still incredibly exciting.


If this year, you and your girlfriends have decided to do Secret Santa, you are in for a real treat. While you’re most probably incredibly excited for the big reveal, you may also be feeling a little stressed. Let’s be honest, knowing what to buy your friend, no matter how well you know her, isn’t always easy. Even when I shop for my best friend, who I have known for years, I often struggle. So don’t worry if you are finding it hard to pick her the perfect pressie.  



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To make it easier to choose the perfect Secret Santa gift, I thought I would share my present buying skills with you. Hopefully, these tips will allow you to find her the most incredible gift – something that you know she’ll love.


Think about what she’s into


Take a moment to think about your friend and ask yourself what she’s into – this will make picking her gift a little easier. Is she a beauty addict? Does she love scented candles? Is she accessory mad? Think about what she’s into, and use this to help you come up with a fabulous present idea. (I find writing this down, really helps me.)  


If she likes her beauty products, think about buying her some lovely cosmetics. Maybe some products from a new company could work well – us beauty addicts love trying out new things. If she’s a lover of scented candles – who isn’t, think about treating her to some luxury ones. A couple of Yankee candles make the ideal gift for anyone who loves the sweet smells of scented candles. For a friend who’s accessory mad, there are so many options. From a new scarf to a new clutch, there are so many options when it comes to her gift.


Take her style into account



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Whether you plan on buying her a beauty set or a couple of accessories, it’s important to take your friend’s style into account. Even when it comes to buying her candles, if you don’t think about her style you may make a gift buying faux pas. (Getting it wrong when it comes to Secret Santa is always embarrassing.)


Look at what she wears, the brand’s she buys and the ways she puts on her makeup and styles her hair. Ask yourself, is she a gal who’s classic and classy, lovely and laid back, or chic and contemporary? Figure this out, and you’ll smash choosing the perfect gift.


Shop around


Don’t just shop the high street for gift ideas, think outside the box. Want to be the best Secret Santa ever – find a present that she will love by checking out these unique gifts for her. Sometimes, the best presents are the things that we didn’t even know we needed. One year, one of my friends got me a beauty tray – I’d never heard of them before but instantly fell in love.


Ask friends and relatives for ideas of all the best places to shop for gifts with a difference – perhaps they can suggest a good website? You don’t have to buy from a well-known brand for her gift to be a success. Sometimes the best presents are those things that come from small companies as no one else has them.
So there you have it, all my top tips for ensuring that you find the very best Secret Santa gift. Heed this advice, and she’ll absolutely love her pressie.