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I want to open this blog post with a deep and meaningful quote. “The eyes are the window to the soul.” I also wanted to cite the author, hoping it was someone famous. But I Googled it and it turns out no-one can decide who actually wrote it. Too many authors have written something along these lines, and now people don’t know who said it first.


There is, of course, a reason for such widespread use of the phrase. It’s true that looking into someone’s eyes is a unique and revealing experience.


Want people to pay more attention to your eyes? With the right additions, you can turn your eyes from a mere window to an alluring vortex. I’m not talking about surgery, here –  just some affordable accessories!


Deep, dark eyelashes are an effective way to decorate your eyes. After all, what better to draw attention to art than with a beautiful frame? A gorgeous shade of eyeshadow can work wonders, but if you’re going for something more casual, then it might be overkill. A good brand of mascara should never be underestimated!


If you’re not so confident about your eyelashes, consider fake eyelashes. You can get big ones that are quite clearly fake but still look amazing. You can also get smaller types that add a little bit a length to eyelashes you feel are too short. Of course, if you don’t want to be subtle, then there’s plenty of really crazy eyelash inspiration online.


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Want to try another eye colour? Go for it. Some people may think that switching eye colour is the same as closing that window to the soul. But maybe you don’t like people looking into your soul? It’s not like you can see your soul, right? Why let others have a peek?


Cosmetic contact lenses allow you to customise your eyeballs. Sounds a little gross when you word it like that, but the results are anything but. One problem: how do you know if a colour is right for you without trying it first? The best way is to test it digitally. Get a clear photo of yourself, eyes included, and alter your eye colour. What eye colour is right for you will also depend on your eyes’ surroundings. Yes, that means your skin and hair colour!


If you are vision impaired, you can get contact lenses that are coloured but still correct your vision. Make sure the lens is comfortable and doesn’t irritate your eyes. Bloodshot eyes don’t look good on everyone!


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Alert eyes will always look more vibrant. One of the most underrated cosmetic methods isn’t an accessory or makeup at all. Making sure you’re consistently getting a good night’s sleep will improve everything about your looks. The skin around your eyes won’t be baggy, and you’ll find it easier to keep your eyes open. So switch off your phone, put away your laptop, and get to bed early! (It would be nice if you finished reading this blog post first, though!)


Have you considered clear-lens glasses? Ever liked the look of someone’s glasses? Maybe so much that you wished you needed glasses just so you could wear something similar?
Good news! You can surround your eyes with a nice pair of frames without being vision impaired. Clear-lens glasses are widely available online and on the high street. It’s possible that pair you liked so much were actually fake!