surprising him


Throughout the year, he treats me to cute little presents – flowers, sweets he knows I’ll like and sometimes even makeup. I understand that chivalry dictates that men should be the ones giving the gifts, but it’s 2016 – enough said. In case you want to spontaneously, treat the man in your life to a little something, I thought I would share a few ideas. After all, we all know how hard men can be to buy for.


Order him a subscription box




Us girls love our beauty boxes, but what about our partners? They might not be as popular as women’s subscription boxes, but there are plenty of options for men. From coffee subscription boxes – yes that’s right I said coffee, to gaming boxes like Loot Crate, there are lots of boxes on offer. All you need to do is pick the perfect one for him.


Brighten up your man’s day by ordering him a surprise subscription box. Think about what he likes and dislikes and choose a box that you know he’ll love. If in doubt about the best one to go for, pick a candy box that’s packed full of delicious sweets and treats. There are plenty of sweetie subscription boxes to choose from. Including a special American sweet box, that’s perfect for anyone with a love of Tootsie Rolls, Twizzlers and Pop Tarts.


Treat him to a new item of clothing


gift for him


Has he been moaning that he’s in need of some new threads? How about treating him to a couple of new items of clothing – a gesture that he’s sure to love. Many men struggle when it comes to style and get nervous picking their own clothes, which is why this is the perfect pressie.


Think about the clothes he has and what he needs as well as his personal sense of style. If there’s a brand that he likes, it’s often best to stick to buying from them as that way you’ll be able to get his sizing right. For instance, if I’m ever treating the fiance to something special, I tend to navigate towards Jack Wills because I know it’s a store he loves. However, sometimes I do opt for something a little different. To find the perfect gift, I browse a few brands until I find the perfect thing, such as this Irish fisherman sweater. It is nice to mix things up every once in a while, at least, I think so anyway.


Get him that new game he’s been wanting


playing ps4


Okay, so games consoles might drive us gals mad, but we know how much our partners enjoy playing them. I may not be a fan of his all night Fifa sessions or the fact that his favourite pastime is gaming with his buddies. But he supports my hobbies, so it’s important I support his.


Whenever a new game is advertised, I can see the look of pure delight on his face. A new game might not be a gift that I would want to receive but for him it’s perfect. If your man loves to game, then that new game he’s been lusting over will make the perfect treat.


He gives you flowers and lots of other treats throughout the year, so it’s important to surprise him back. He won’t expect it, but he’ll love it if you surprise him.


What do you think of these little treat ideas for your man? Let me know in the comment section below.