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Recently, I’ve got myself into a bit of a rut when it comes to my health. I’ve been so busy with life – work, hobbies, other commitments, etc., that I put my health on the back burner. Instead of cooking healthy, wholesome meals like I should have been, my diet consisted mostly of pesto and pasta. And as for my exercise regime, it became non-existent.


Life is crazy sometimes, which makes it easy to get yourself into a mess with your health. However, as I’ve learnt, if you don’t make an effort to be healthy, you’ll suffer for it. Think mood swings, headaches and a major lack of energy. If you’re in a rut when it comes to your health, don’t worry. You see, getting back on track is much easier than you’d think.


Want to know how I got myself out of my health rut and back on track, and how you can to? Yes – then keep reading for everything that you need to know.


Incorporate exercise into your day


The best way to boost your health is by incorporating exercise into your day. After a long day at work, it’s easy to make excuses that you’re too tired to exercise. That’s why it’s best to get your daily activity done earlier on in the day, so that when you can home you can relax. Early morning yoga, anyone?


There are so many simple ways you can add exercise into your day, from cycling to work to spending your lunch break going for a fast-paced walk. If you prefer to exercise at home, there are lots of workout tutorials on YouTube that you can watch and use. My personal favourites are cardio tutorials like this one:


Make healthy eating easier


When life gets busy, it’s easy to think that you don’t have time for healthy eating but that’s not the case. Believe it or not, being healthy doesn’t have to be difficult, it’s just a case of getting into a routine.


One of the best things to do to make being healthy easier is to start growing your own fruit and veggies. By buying fruit bushes from, you can begin being healthier. Growing your own produce means that you’ve always got lots of lovely fruit and vegetables to use, so there’s no excuse not to eat healthily. Think soups, stews and salads, you’ll have plenty of delicious fruits and veggies to enjoy.


Another way I make healthy eating easier for myself is by preparing my food in advance. Each weekend, I make up a selection of healthy soups, pasta dishes and risottos, portion them up and freeze them. That way, whenever I’m in need of a quick meal, I’ve got one ready. Preparing food in advance, prevents me from buying ready meals and other unhealthy foods.


Be active in your spare time


As well as regularly exercising, it’s also important to become a more active person. If you want to boost your health, you need to learn to love being active. The more active you are, the more healthy you’ll be.


This means that instead of spending your weekends watching Netflix, you should be getting out and about. Go for long country walks or head to your local sports centre for a swim – make sure that you’re constantly on the move.


If you want to break out of a rut and give your health a boost, take the advice above on board. It worked for me and it can work for you.