According to research, an average human being spends more than half of their life sleeping. So why shouldn’t you renovate your bedroom where you spend more than half of your life? We tend to delay decorations in the fear of breaking the bank, however, a renovation doesn’t simply mean that you have to bring new things in the house. Placing existing items strategically and DIY-ing around the house is the essence of this write-up.  Here are my tips that will inspire you to get started on your bedroom renovation on a different level.


1. Organize and Declutter


Well first things first, in order to change things up in your bedroom, you need to take a good look at the already existing furniture and decor in your room and sort through it. Keep things you love separately and declutter the old, tarnished, out of trend pieces. Try going through your bookshelf and your desk and get rid of unused stationery and untouched books. Reach for the space below your bed and go through it thoroughly, get rid of the stuff there. Organize your closet too while you are at it. You will be in such a good mind space after a thorough clean up.


2. Change Up the Window Covering


Our bedrooms tend to be flooded with heavy furniture pieces. Hence it’s important to dress up your windows because we tend to notice the windows first the moment we step in our bedrooms. Now blinds and extravagant curtains can be expensive, so figure out your budget and your lifestyle preference, and invest accordingly. If you need light breezy curtains, invest in a thin fabric curtain. If you like your room to be pitch black when the sun enters, then perhaps velvet and satin is the way to go.


3. Paint Your Room


Perhaps the easiest way to renovate your bedroom is by painting it. Keep the ambience and your personal colour choice in mind while choosing a colour for your room. Go for light neutral shades to enhance natural lighting in your room and make it appear bigger. If you like to experiment, then there is a wide variety of bold and exaggerated colours for you to choose from. If all else fails, consider mounting wallpapers across your room to instantly revive your room.



4. Hang Your Favorite Art Pieces



Your room is the greatest place to experiment, and whether you have a passion for collecting artistic pieces, or family photo frames, or exquisite décor pieces, the best place to display your favourite pieces is perhaps your room.


5. Invest In Good Lighting


The lighting in your room can make all the difference, to be honest. Assess whether your room is over lighted or dim lighted.  Don’t install high voltage over headlights in your room, they will make your room harsh lighted. Consider investing in some chic room or side table lamps. They will not only increase the light in your room but also add up as an accessory to amp up your room.


6.  Level up your flooring

This might sound expensive but beautiful laminate flooring is the cherry on top when revamping your bedroom. They have tons of designs to choose from that mimic the style and texture of expensive kinds of flooring materials. They are cheap yet they could last probably a lifetime if well-maintained.