Close-up of a woman in sportswear measuring her waist


If you’re still holding onto a few pounds from Christmas, you’re in the right place. Weight that refuses to budge, especially around your stomach, is often stubborn fat – the type of fat that can seem impossible to get rid of. The good news is that it’s not impossible it just takes perseverance and a well thought out approach.


In case you’re struggling to come up with the best ways to shift that stubborn fat once and for all, I thought I would make a few suggestions. These are all things that from experience, I would say are best approaches to take.


Be strict


The truth is that after a couple of months of being on a diet and not achieving the results we want, we start to slip up. Instead of being as strict with ourselves as we were, at first, we treat ourselves to things we shouldn’t have. Surely an Oreo here or some vegetable crisps there won’t cause too much damage, will they? If you’re trying to get stubborn fat to budge, the worst thing you can do is deviate from your diet plan. It might be hard to stay motivated when the pounds refuse to budge, but it’s crucial that you do. Else, that stubborn fat will never shift.


Mix up your exercise regime


A simple way to make shedding those extra pounds easier is by mixing up your exercise regime. Instead of working out for an hour each day, swap to doing two 30 minute workouts a day. By doing this, you can increase the intensity at which you workout, boosting your weight loss. The reason that both diet and exercise are so important is because when it comes to burning fat, they both burn different types of fat. Dieting reduces visceral fat which is found around the organs. While exercise is best for decreasing subcutaneous fat, the fat below the skin.


Get a little extra help


If the fat really won’t budge, it could be worth getting a little extra help. Today, there are plenty of non-surgical weight loss procedures that are amazing for helping to shift areas of stubborn fat. Many facilities, like the Dr Leah clinics, offer non-surgical liposuction that’s pain-free and effective. There’s also the option of using weight loss wraps treatments. These don’t offer long-lasting results, but they are a great quick-fix. There are lots of options available, so if you need a little extra help, you can get it.


Be positive


The most important thing when trying to lose stubborn fat is to stay positive. If you start being negative about your weight loss, you’ll find it harder to stay on track. Be as positive about your weight loss journey as possible and you’ll find it easier to shed those last few pounds. Believe it or not, when it comes to weight loss, mindset is everything.


Getting rid of those last few stubborn pounds might not be easy, but if you take the tips above on board, it is doable.