Dehydroepiandrosterone or popularly known as DHEA, is the most abundant steroid that circulates the human body and considered as a precursor hormone. On its own, it can do little in affecting one’s biological makeup. But when converted into powerful hormones such as sex steroids, it can have a potent effect.


DHEA can be converted into estradiol or testosterone. Many people want to exceed their performance in bed, and more companies are doing their best to cater to their needs. Read more about this in this site here: There are DHEA supplements that promise to strengthen the muscles, increase sex drive, and help with aging with little to no risk.


More about Dehydroepiandrosterone


DHEA is produced from the adrenal cortex, which is the outer layer of the adrenal glands. The ovaries and testes also create this in small amounts. It circulates into the bloodstream and remains intact because it is attached to the sulfur in the form of dehydroepiandrosterone sulfate.


In women, this hormone is essential because it is the source of estrogens. Before the menopausal period, DHEA provides more than 70% of the estrogens and a hundred percent after menopause. The hormone increases in production when one is around ten years old and reaches its peak in the 20s. It gradually decreases as one gets older. The brain also produces small amounts of this hormone, but there are little known facts about how its exact role in the body.


How is DHEA Controlled?


The brain controls this hormone through a process called negative feedback. This process works by stopping the production of DHEA whenever the bloodstream levels have too much of the hormone. When the dehydroepiandrosterone level falls, the system will switch it on again. The corticotrophin-releasing hormone that is produced in the hypothalamus is in charge of switching on the system. Read more about the hypothalamus when you click here.


DHEA as Supplements to Suppress Aging


Since age is a factor that contributes to the decline of DHEA in the body, most of the researchers have speculated that taking supplements that promote the production of the hormone can suppress and fight aging. However, there are several studies conducted, and the result shows that this doesn’t have any effect on the body. Further in-depth research is needed to support these speculations.


There are reports from the Natural Medicines Comprehensive Data Base that state that DHEA does not have any effect in the body’s natural aging process. As of study, much is still needed to learn about the long-term use of the supplements containing DHEA that there’s always the underlying concern that it can become harmful to the health.


Role of the Hormone in Treating Medical Conditions


There are researchers that state that dehydroepiandrosterone can be used to treat the following conditions:

  • Addison’s Disease
  • Lupus
  • Osteoporosis
  • Crohn’s Disease
  • Menopausal Problems
  • Infertility


Note that these are just suggestions and claims that are still needed substantial scientific evidence. But if these statements were true, then DHEA can have a bright future in the market. The FDA hasn’t approved any supplements containing dehydroepiandrosterone as a treatment for any of the mentioned diseases. More in-depth studies are needed to learn about the benefits and risks in the long-term use of DHEA.


What Problems Can Possibly Occur?


Some studies show women who have hirsutism and polycystic ovaries may have higher levels of this hormone in their bodies. Children with congenital adrenal hyperplasia and people who were diagnosed with cancer are known to have abnormal levels of DHEA in their bodies.


On the other hand, lower levels of the hormone are known to decrease one’s life span, especially in men. When it comes to women, the more symptoms of low levels are osteoporosis and lower sex drive.


There are athletes and sports enthusiasts who use supplements so that they can increase their muscle strengths, immunity, energy, and endurance. However, more studies are needed to prove that supplements containing dehydroepiandrosterone can really provide these effects to its users. Most associations such as the Olympics, the National Football League, and NBA ban DHEA supplements.


Weight Loss Reports


More people reported that they had lost weight when they were taking 7-keto supplements, which are the most widely promoted dehydroepiandrosterone supplement currently. The idea behind this is that prolonged taking of the pills will help in achieving a faster rate of metabolism, leaner tissues, and weight loss. The calories will burn more efficiently as well and will prevent even more significant weight gain in the future.


However, most of the studies do not support the above statement about weight loss. There’s a lot of things that still needed to be discovered about dehydroepiandrosterone. Some are still unsure about what they do in the body and their side effects.


Before taking any supplement, it is essential to consult your physician. They are the ones who can recommend the best supplements that can go along with your medications, especially if you have a specific medical condition. More importantly, never purchase a supplement that comes from shady sources. Do your research and ask the experts in the medical field before taking anything.