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I don’t know about you, but like most people, I live on a budget. Money doesn’t grow on trees, as my mum would say, which means that I have to be savvy about my spending. I must admit, sometimes it can be a struggle, especially when I’m in need of new clothing, accessories, or makeup. Recently, thanks to the introduction of all the SS16 collections, I’ve stacked up quite a long list of things I need.


The good news is that years of living as a student have taught me all the best hacks for saving money on my essentials. When I say ‘essentials,’ I’m talking fashion and beauty items that I just have to make. Using the simple hacks I’ve learned over the years for saving money, I’m able to cut the cost of my summer shopping.


In case money is also an issue for you too, I thought I would share my top tips for saving money on your shopping.


Shop discount stores


I am such a fan of discount and outlet stores – they’re amazing. If you want to save on the cost of your summer wardrobe, the best places to start are discount or outlet stores.


The best places for outlet shopping are Clark’s Village in Somerset and Bicester Village in Oxford. You can find lots of beautiful pieces that are marked down by up to 90 percent – that’s a huge saving. The major bonus of shopping at outlets is also that a lot of the stores are designer. So you’re getting a designer wardrobe for a fraction of the price it should cost. The other day, I picked up a cute summer dress from a Jack Wills outlet store for just £9 down from over £30.


As for discount stores, my absolute favourite has to be TK Maxx because it sells such a variety of items. I’ve brought a few pieces of clothing from there, but I tend to stick to makeup and accessories. I recently picked up a beautiful pair of designer sunglasses from TK Maxx for just £12, a fraction of what they should have cost.


Use voucher codes


I love, love, love voucher codes, they make shopping even more affordable. Of course, to be able to take full advantage of them, you need to be willing to put in the time and research. If you’re happy to spend some time scouring the internet for voucher codes, you can find some amazing ones.


Recently, while browsing the internet, I came across a load of TK Maxx voucher codes. I don’t think I’ve ever been more excited, as I am such a fan of the shop. They sell high-end makeup like Too Faced for a quarter of the price it costs to buy direct. I also found a fantastic site called Student Saver’s that shares all the best deals for makeup and beauty. I’ve been using this to buy my summer makeup stash.


Look out for deals


Obviously, while outlet and discount stores are great, sometimes you see an item in another store that you just have to have. Topshop and H&M are my downfalls when it comes to saving money.


My answer for this is keeping an eye out for all the best deals – most stores send email notifications of when they’re holding sales. Often, there is a week of sales at the start of each season, at the end, and also on bank holidays. There are also exclusive online deals to look out for too. Sometimes items that are full price in store are discounted online, so it’s alway worth double checking. Subscribe to your favourite stores to ensure that you know about all the upcoming sales.


Hopefully, these tips will help you to stock up your summer wardrobe without overspending. Happy shopping!