Decluttering your home is a daunting task and even the very thought of it can seem overwhelming! Due to the housing market slowing down, many people are staying in their current home and decluttering will make the most of available space. You will learn to love your home again!


Often people collect things because they have some kind of emotional attachment to them, but you need to be brave and a little ruthless and only keep items with definite sentimental attachment or items that you regularly use.


Another reason for hoarding stuff is the thought you may need it one day. You won’t, so get rid! You could turn your decluttering experience into a money making project. Divide your unwanted items into bin, pass onto charity or sell. If you sell items that are large and bulky to post you could get quotes from large item courier companies such as great for large items such as sofas and beds.


To declutter effectively you need a plan and you need to tackle areas of your home one at a time. This will ensure that the task isn’t too mammoth!




Keeping your kitchen clutter free is a challenge, as it’s a room where everyone relaxes, eats and cooks. Often piles of correspondence can mount up on windowsills and sides. Kitchen cupboards become full of food items, unused gadgets, recipe books, crockery you never use and mismatched glasses. The cupboard under the kitchen sink can become cluttered with half used cleaning products and cloths and just about everyone has a kitchen drawer crammed full of junk! Draw up a plan of how you will tackle the kitchen clutter. Concentrate on one cupboard at a time and don’t forget the tops of cupboards.




Start with your bathroom cabinet and throw away any old medicines, cosmetics and toiletry products. Then sort through your shampoo, shower gel and bubble bath bottles, discarding anything old, unwanted or nearly finished. It’s worth looking at different storage solutions in a bathroom so that everything doesn’t look so cluttered.




Divide the task of decluttering your bedroom into small chunks. It will be a huge task if you try to do it all at once. Wardrobes, drawers, bookshelves, dressing tables and bedding boxes all need to be sorted. Your bedroom is an area that needs to be decluttered often




Your lounge will most likely be in daily use and clutter can build up at an alarming rate! Discard old magazines and newspapers, sort through bookshelves and declutter drawers. There will most likely be a huge pile of correspondence and paperwork to sort through. You will feel better at the end of the task. Consider future storage options for items such as the TV remotes and you will never have to search for them again!


Once you have decluttered every room you will feel so much better about your home. Don’t forget to declutter entrances such as porches and hallways, which have a tendency to become cluttered with coats and shoes.


If you have children try to sort through toys on a regular basis and invest in some good storage boxes.