You might remember that a few weeks ago I got my very own UV lamp and gel nail polish kit and fell in love with it. I am once again on the gel nail hype with my newest gel nail kit, 14 Day Manicure UV Gel Polish Kit. While I love going to get my nails done and having a bit of a pamper, it’s not always affordable. That’s why when I was asked to test out the gel nail kit from 14 Day Manicure, I jumped at the chance.


I was so happy with the results from 3Week Nails that I couldn’t wait to try out another gel kit to see how it compared. When my kit arrived I was so excited, I couldn’t wait to test it out. Along with a UV machine, came acetone nail polish remover, a buffer, nail file, cuticle pusher, priming base coat, no-wipe gel top coat, and four beautiful gel polish shades. 14 Day Manicure were kind enough to send me four very pretty shades – Keep Me Interested, Sinful, Full Monty and Queen of Everything. My favourite of which is Sinful, however for spring I love the Sinful because of how pretty it is.




Following the instructions that came with the kit, the first thing I did was remove my nail polish. I then gently pushed my cuticles back, using the metal cuticle pusher than came in the kit. I followed this by buffing and shaping my nails.


Once I’d done this I applied a small amount of sunscreen to my hands and rubbed it in. I tend re-wipe over my nails with a fresh cotton pad to remove any oil or sunscreen. UV lights come with very low risks in terms of skin damage, however, I always like to make sure that my skin is protected. I’d hate my hands to age before their time, so I protect them with sunscreen. If you don’t like the idea to applying sunscreen, there are special UV protection gloves you can use instead.




After sunscreening my hands, the next step was to apply a thin coat of the priming base to each nail. Because it has quite a thick consistency, it can be hard to get the base as thin as it should be. What I tend to do is tap the brush on the bottle before using it to remove any excess polish. What I love about these polishes is that if you do get too much on your nail, you can just wipe it off. Unlike normal polishes, UV ones don’t set until they’re cured under a light, so can be easily wiped off the nail. It’s best to keep the base coat clear of your cuticles and finger edges else this can lead to the gel polish chipping or peeling off more easily.


To help your polish stay looking good for longer, don’t forget to cap your nails with each layer of polish. Once you’re happy with the base coat, you then pop your nails under the UV light for two minutes.




Next you apply the colored gel polish of your choice, cure it for two minutes, and then repeat again. Once you’ve done that, you then add the no-wipe top coat, cure it, and you’re done. Your nails will look sleek, smooth and beautifully shiny, not to mention the fact that they’ll be chip resistant for up to two weeks.


I am a real fan of gel nails; not only because of how pretty they look but also due to the fact that they last so well. There are a lot of brands to choose from, but I am a real fan of 14 Day Manicure simply because they have such a wide range of polishes. I also love the fact that they’re easy to use and a little goes a long way, meaning that they’re good value for money.




If you’re new to gel nails, I would 100% recommend that you get them done professionally before you start doing them yourself. Watch what your technician does, ask questions, and take photographs. The best way to get started with DIY gel nails is by buying a kit, like the one that 14 Day Manicure offer. The kits are best because they come with everything that you need to achieve beautiful gel nails at home, and on sale for just under £50, they’re a real bargain.


Would I recommend the 14 Day Manicure UV Gel Polish Kit? I 100 percent would; it’s affordable, easy to use and comes with a choice of lots of lovely polish colours. What more could a girl want?


*This post contains PR samples.*