Who would have thought that Primark’s makeup would be any good? When I first heard that Primark were launching a makeup range, I must admit I was too keen to try it. I love budget-friendly beauty – I swear by Makeup Revolution, but I wasn’t convinced that Primark’s makeup would be to my taste. However, after being sent a few items from the PS range as part of my blogger box swap with the lovely Beth Eleanor, I soon changed my mind.   


So what products have I tried?


The items Beth picked out for me from Primark’s PS range were two Velvet Matte Lipstick Crayons in Maroon and Coral, a Lip Liner Pencil in Red, and a Double Ended Smokey Brush for eyeshadow and concealer. Because I was so impressed with the products Beth got me, yesterday I headed to Primark to see what other bargains I could find.


For ages I’ve been looking for a contouring stick – I have the MUR Ultra Contour Palette but I’ve been wanting to try contouring using cream-based products. I’ve been on the lookout for a good contouring stick for a while but absolutely everywhere seems to be sold out. But lo and behold when I headed into Primark yesterday to look at their makeup selection, I spotted a chubby stick style bronzing stick that looked perfect for contouring. Priced at just £1.50 it was a bargain, so I decided to get it and give it a try.


£1 for makeup?!


When I browsed Primark’s impressive PS range, I couldn’t believe that the majority of the products were priced at just a £1. Some, of course, were a little more expensive but nothing exceeded £4.


After spending far too long testing out the different items on offer, much to the protests of the fiance, I realised something. As so many of us thought when Primark released a makeup range, myself included, the low prices don’t reflect the quality. I promise you that of what I’ve tried out, the level of quality is on parr with the likes of MUR, MUA and Sleek.


Finally it’s review time…


ps by primark pencils


PS Velvet Matte Lipstick Crayon in Maroon, £2


Love, love, love this colour – it is just sooo pretty. I don’t normally wear such dark shades. I’ve been wanting to take the leap for a while from nudes to berry tones – this could be the product to change me! The colour is highly pigmented, lasts well, and best of all, is non-drying. Don’t you just hate products that dry your lips out?!


PS Velvet Matte Lipstick Crayon in Coral, £2


I wouldn’t say that this colour is Coral – it’s more of a musty pink, but I am a big fan. To be honest, lipsticks with orange undertones aren’t something that I’m a fan of, so I’m glad this shade is more pink-hued than peachy. As a nude colour, this is sooo pretty. I have to say, I’m a real fan. Just like the Maroon shade, this is easy to apply, lasts well, and has a great colour pay off. For a budget-friendly lip crayon, this is seriously impressive.




PS Lip Liner Pencil in Red, £1


I have a secret and it’s one that is probably shocking coming from a beauty blogger but here goes… I don’t use lip liner; I’ve never even tried it before. I’ve always thought that lip liner just isn’t necessary, that was until I realised that it can make your lipstick last longer and prevent it from smudging. What I like about the PS lip liner pencils is that they’re creamy, blendable and pigmented. However, the jury is still out on how long they last – I’ll update you soon on that.


PS Double Ended Smokey Brush, £1


Makeup brushes are seriously expensive. So I find it somewhat refreshing that there are brands like Primark offering budget-friendly alternatives. The brushes in the PS range might not stand up to the likes of Real Techniques or MAC but they do the job and do it well. The Double Ended Smokey Brush is very pretty – I’m a real rose gold lover, and works well as a concealer and eyeshadow brush. It is quite basic but it’s pretty and works well. For a pound you can’t really complain; it does what it says on the box.


PS Bronze Highlighting Stick, £1.50


This bronzer – oh my god! It costs just £1.50, is easy to apply, blends like a dream, and lasts for hours. Because it’s a highlighting bronzer there is a slight shimmer to the formula but don’t let that put you off using it to contour. The the product does look dark when first applied, especially on pale skin like mine, but trust me it isn’t. It just needs a little blending, that’s all. I used my Beauty Blender to blend mine in once I’d applied it, but you could use a brush or your fingers if you prefer.


The result


My favourite products from the PS range by Primark are definitely the Matte Velvet Lipstick Crayons and the Bronze Highlighting Stick. These two bad boys are seriously impressive, as is a lot of Primark’s makeup, especially when you consider the low price tag that each item comes with.


If you haven’t given the PS range a try yet, do it. Every product may not be your cup of tea but you’re sure to find a couple of things that you like. Go on, give it a try – you just might fall in love!